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What is Dash?

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What is Dash? After the digital currency itself, in many markets, has become an effective element in various remittances and financial transactions, many new currencies have emerged, trying to prove themselves in the market. Of these currencies a currency that strives to reach the pyramid of digital currencies is a currency Dash, and we will explain in the matter of what the currency, and the current price, and its advantages and disadvantages, and the way to obtain them, and the current price and competitors in the digital currency market.

Dash Currency

DASH, one of the most famous digital currencies on the world stage, is a decoded currency that works on the blockin system and spawns the currency of Bitcoin, but with great improvements and upgrades, such as making transactions faster with absolute privacy.
DASH is the first digital currency with Decentralized Governance by Blockchain.
Looking at the word DASH, we'll find a word of two words, Digital Cash, which means digital money.

The Origin of Dash

Dash Currency
The Dash coin appeared in January 2014 but under the name Xcoin, it was changed to Darkcoin. In March 2015, it was renamed to Dash, and a split was created from the Bitcoin, Advantages and characteristics.
Dash came to fix Bitcoin's imperfections and weaknesses. It is an alternative currency to Bitcoin, not just Bitcoin but other digital currencies. Dash's currency is characterized by speed, privacy, anonymity and absolute decentralization.

Bitcoin and Dash

Dash and Bitcoin
As we mentioned earlier, Dash is an alternative to high-priced bicarbonate, although the conditions are also ripe for the high price of the digital dash. The average time of each block for the Dash currency is two and a half minutes, while the rate of processing each block for the currency of Bitcoin is about ten minutes.
Dash's electronic currency is the next-generation currency, which is handled and transferred through an open-source, peer-to-peer platform, reducing people's need for full reliance on banks as a means of transferring cash. All transfers are monitored and controlled through a distribution network. Dash has the same advantages as the Bitcoin, but has several additional features, for example: enhanced special financial transactions, all transactions are instantaneous, and depend on a decentralized control system.
Dash is the 12th most popular electronic currency in the digital currency market and is allowed to be traded in the AppStore. This confirms that it is in a continuous boom and is supposed to rise in its position among those other currencies. The key factor controlling the price is the size of the offer and the amount of demand for coins available for use.
The basic units are the intermediary in the Dash Network. These basic units are a mining company with more than 1,000 pieces of Dash currency. The blockchain system or string system in this currency (or so-called database) is a global database, like block chains for all other virtual currencies. In this currency, "Dash Currency", one person transfers small units of different basic units and will respond and send different types of currencies to the person.

Characteristics of Dash Coin

  • Dash is characterized by the system of "DarkSend" and this system makes transactions in the currency Dash is impossible to track. It does not require an account for the person, nor does it require registration or verification of the customer's personal identity. This is better than what is available in the currency of the Bitcoin, which ranks first in the digital currency market, and puts the digital dash currency in a better position because of the privacy and privacy.
  • Dash is based on the encryption algorithm (X11) of the scientific hash functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavit, simd, echo).
  • Each block needs 2.5 minutes to manufacture, and the currency is characterized by a decrease in the production of coins by 7% per year.
  • The difficulty system uses DGW.
  • A decentralized network of Masternode.
  • Superior replacement and privacy.

Dash Currency Features

Currency Dash
  • Provide all the factors of privacy in financial transactions and balances in electronic portfolios with the provision of high-quality protection procedures.
  • International, where anyone can transfer any money to any place at high speed without any change and without any additional expenses.
  • Dash's electronic currency has sophisticated technology that allows people to transfer money instantly and the process can not be recovered in a few moments.
  • Inexpensive and low in prices, since most deals require several cents a few, making them cheaper and more quality than other services.
  • The duration of each block is 2.5 minutes.

Price of Dash Currency

Dash currency since the end of January 2018 to date Dash is trading at the $ 600 level, according to the data from the coinmarketcap site. As of this writing, the price of the dash reached $ 605.95, which is equivalent to 0.05543430 Bitcoin.
The market value of the currency reached 4.7 billion dollars, which is which is equivalent to 438,770 Bitcoin.

Competitor dash currency

We also mentioned that Dash's currency comes in the 12th position in terms of the market value between the digital currencies, so the nearest competitor to that currency is the currency of Monero, which is in the eleventh place, as well as the currency of Nem, which is in the thirteenth, and wants Dash back to Top 10 Digital Coins.
Dash's currency was seventh in terms of market value, but with the marked drop in digital currencies, the currency has now reached the twelfth position, losing five positions in the digital currency arrangement.

Dash Wallet

Dash wallet
The wallet is available on all systems from Windows, Linux, Mac and Android, and you can download it here
As for the paper wallet, you can download it here
As fo Blockchain You can extract it from here

Trading and Currency Exchange

Dear reader, you can trade and exchange the currency of Dash through many websites, including:
Dash Digital Currency is the first currency to own a Blockchain network on two levels. The first level is the level created by the metalworkers who write transactions on the block chain or the "blockchain" database. The second level is the basic modules (called servers), and this type of server provides the ability to speed and instant confidentiality. In the future, these servers are expected to offer a host of extra benefits for the digital dash, which can be preserved in a unique category, especially by providing things that other digital currencies can not offer.
In this way, we would like to remind you that we have covered all of your thoughts within the mind of this digital currency.

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