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What is the Ethereum? - Buy Ether - Ether price

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What is the Ethereum? - Buy Ether - Ether price Ethereum, one of the largest digital currencies in the virtual currency market, has succeeded in dominating the market, contending with the currency of the past, and today's talk will be about that currency, how it originated, developed, its market price now, the most important Its competitors, how to obtain it and store it too.


A digital currency known as ether, which has accelerated decentralization of the global economy, has the potential to influence many other industries, supports a variety of 500 different companies. These companies met in 2016 to discuss, consolidate and consolidate this power in the development of the Ethereum technology network , A currency can serve as a financial asset for traders.
The currency is an open-source public platform that relies on the "blockchain", and functions as a smart contract that facilitates the conclusion of an online contract that simulates traditional contracts in fact, providing security and trust.
Ethereum is not a coin but it is a network and decentralized system, being produced by the ether process, hence the coin here is ether, symbolized by the symbol ETH.
Ethereum is like a large, non-stop computer that can be accessed by anyone, and can not be cheated. It is basically a group of computers around the world that are connected to the Ethereum system through a range of applications executed through intelligent nodes.

History of the Ethereum

History of the Ethereum
In late 2013, Ethereum was proposed by programmer Vitalik Buterin, and was funded and developed by the public on the Internet in mid-2014.
The platform was launched on July 30, 2015, and developers were looking for a way to differentiate them from Bitcoin, making them exclusive with their market-leading features.

How does it work?

Ethereum is a decentralized system based on a database called a series of blocks, which are computers connected to each other around the world using a set of applications, many of which are executed according to smart contracts, which are information protocols that mimic the conclusion of traditional contracts where conditions and requirements are required to implement them without the need to Authority or authority controlling its operations.
All this is done through complex and very complex algorithms that ensure security and tampering. However, during the last months it has been hacked on the basis of which $ 50 million has been stolen, resulting in a 30% decline before the platform is modified and protected again.

The difference between ether and Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Ethereum
The Ethereum is a general and distributed Blockchain network, but there are some important technical differences between it and the Bitcoin:
  • Difference in goal and ability.
  • Bitcoin provides one application of the Blockchain technology, which enables users to pay the value of their home online, and while using Blockchain 's technology to keep track of ownership of the digital currency, Ethereum focuses on running the programming code from any decentralized application.
  • We all know that Bitcoin is a limited currency meaning that 21 million will be extracted from Bitcoin, 17 million have been extracted so far, and 4 million coins will be extracted until 2040, and the Ethereum is limitless, as currency supply is influenced by the currency makers themselves.
  • Ether is faster than Bitcoin. At Bitcoin you need about 10 minutes to complete the treatment. In the case of Ethereum, it will not take more than 15 seconds.

What affects the value of the Ethereum?


What affects the value of this currency is a variety of different factors such as recognition of companies, and the adoption of more applications on them, the more dealers and recognize the existence of the value of increased, and also the survival of its decentralized system away from any manipulation or penetration is necessary to them or else will collapse value if It was confirmed that it had been hacked and the money of its clients had been stolen.
On the other hand, this currency is affected by its leading rival, the Bitcoin, in this field, which grew madly last year, which has had a positive impact on increasing its value, but this year is severely restricted by many governments of the world, which led to the collapse, but Still trying to withstand.

Recognition of Ethereum

Based on the decentralized system, the ether currency is produced, and the latter has a value that changes daily, and the higher the demand for it, the higher the value of the currency if demand falls, the value of the currency declines.
Many entities have recognized this currency, including Microsoft, Intel and JPMorgan, and there are about 86 other organizations that have held understandings and companies with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance group.

Ether price

The graph of the Ethereum coin since February 2018 The price of ether was $ 858 at the time of writing, which is equivalent to 0.0745,870 Bitcoin, according to coinmarketcap.
As for the market value of the currency reached 84.08 billion dollars, which is equivalent 7,309,841 Bitcoin.

Ether competitor

The currency of ether is in second place with the order of digital currencies, followed by, of course, the currency of the Bitcoin, followed by third place in the currency of the ripple, and the currency is one of the largest currencies in the virtual currency market, ranked second in terms of market value, making it a unique place among investors, the most important competitor For that coin is the Ripple and Bitcoin cash.

How to get the ether wallet and place your currencies

Dear reader, go back to the Ethereum wallet lesson, find out how to extract the wallet, how to send it to your digital currency, and how to sell your money .. From here.

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