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How do you buy Bitcoin?

2018-03-12 06:55 pm | Resource: Crypto Section | No Views : 903

How do you buy Bitcoin? Everyone wants to buy Bitcoin at the moment because of its high price, as well as because of the expectations of many analysts that Bitcoin will rise in price significantly in the coming years, Bitcoin became a rare currency and a good investment, and in today's lesson dear reader will give you many ways you can Through which to get the Bitcoin in a short time, in easy ways without any trouble or fatigue.

Get a wallet of Bitcoin

Bitcoin wallet
At the beginning, dear reader, you have to choose the wallet that you will be depositing from your home after the purchase. You can choose between an electronic wallet, paper wallet, or even a cold wallet.
For more details about the Bitcoin wallet, refer to the various Bitcoin wallet's lessons, so you can choose the right wallet for you.

The fastest way to get your Bitcoin

After you have made your wallet, you should walk through the procedures to get the Bitcoin, to put them in your wallet, and you can get it from several ways including:
  • Buy Bitcoin from one of the companies that has it like Coinbase.
  • Buy Bitcoin directly from someone who offers them for sale.
  • Get Bitcoin by donation or support.
  • Get Bitcoin in the form of real metal parts by ordering it from the TITANBTC website, and sending it home.
  • Get Bitcoin as a gift card.
  • Get Bitcoin by mining

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining
This was one of the best ways to get a free Bitcoin, but with the advancement of technology and the emergence of many Bitcoin, the mining of a small unit of Bitcoin required a supercomputer with a powerful graphics card, so only the wealthy could do it. It is complicated, but some are still mining to get the Bitcoin.
Today mining is dominated by large mining groups called "assemblies", and companies that are created for mining specifically. You can buy stakes in these gatherings or companies, but it's no longer an individual hobby you can do on your own as in the past.
One of the new options available is "cloud mining", where it digs for Bitcoin without investing in costly obsolete equipment, where the person pays for the use of the company's mining data centers on its behalf.
For more information about digital coin mining, please visit the Bitcoin Mining lesson.

Bitcoin trading through electronic exchanges

Bitcoin Trading
There are many exchanges that allow traders to trade in Bitcoin, which is a good option if you want to trade in digital currencies, but it is known that digital currencies are decentralized currencies to control one and no one knows what was spent, but with stock exchanges and the law in the country will not benefit you Exchange In order to hide your identity completely, you must provide your identity and provide detailed contact information about you.
Bitfinex is one of the largest exchanges in the world and is headquartered in Hong Kong. There are also several stock exchanges including: Bitstampg in the United States, BTC-e Anonymous, Okcoin in China, and BTCC in China as well.
Coinbase is a popular trading and trading wallet that trades in Bitcoin in US dollars and Euros, has web and telephone applications, and operates in the United States and a large number of European countries.
Circle offers users around the world the opportunity to store, send, receive and exchange Bitcoin. Currently operating in the United States only.
Coinjar is a stockbroker and supplier of wallets, a pioneer in the Australian market.
Unocoin is a stock market oriented to the Indian market.
These exchanges allow you to deposit your money via ATM, which handles the transfer of funds and this includes some fees.

Buy Bitcoin in a direct way

Dear reader, you can own Bitcoin by buying from a merchant who has some Bitcoin and wants to sell it, and you communicate with him through the methods available to you, and you transfer the money to him after the agreement on the price of this deal, then that man sends Bitcoin to you and Then deposit them into your wallet, invest them or use them in different purchases.
You should not send your currency to your traditional currency, take all the security precautions to boost yourself from theft or fraudulent operations, and you should be 100% confident in the person who will buy the Bitcoin So do not regret it then.
LocalBitcoins is the main location where these transactions are arranged and pricing is negotiated. The site offers a guarantee service as a form of additional protection for both parties.
It is best to first ascertain whether these trades are legal in your area or not. Police may raise doubts if they exchange cash in a public place.

Trust Fund

If you are concerned about the idea of ​​buying and storing a large amount of Bitcoin, you can move to a trust fund such as Bitcoin Investment Trust or The Winklevoss ETF.
This fund invests exclusively in Bitcoin, and uses protocols at the highest level to store them safely for you.

Buy Bitcoin by Visa

Buy Bitcoin by Visa
Here's my list of the top 10 sites that support the purchase of Bitcoin through your credit card "Visa":
  1. Indacoin is a popular website that supports Arabic and supports payment through Visa and Mastercard.
  2. Paxful is a fast-paced website that supports payment through Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, PayPal and Western Union.
  3. Coinmama is a reliable and reliable website that supports payment through Visa, MasterCard and Western Union.
  4. Virwox It supports payment via VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL, and Skrill.
  5. Coinbase is a very popular site in the digital currency market and supports payment through bank account, visa, mastercard.
  6. Cex is a credible website that supports payment through Visa, MasterCard and bank transfers.
  7. cryptopay It supports payment by Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, and Skrill.
  8. Localbitcoin It supports payment via Visa, CashU, Bank Transfers, and Skrill.
  9. Xcoin It supports payment by Visa, MasterCard, Paypal.
  10. Bestchange It supports payment via Visa, MasterCard, Paypal.

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs
The number of bitcoin ATM machines is increasing, although it is relatively new. You enter your money in the machine, scan your QR code with your smart phone, or receive a paper receipt with the necessary code to load your wallet.
The exchange rate varies between 3% and 8% over the original exchange rate.

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