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Litecoin .. LTC .. What and how to get it?

2018-04-11 08:08 pm | Resource: Crypto Section | No Views : 507

Litecoin .. LTC .. What and how to get it? Litecoin, or silver Bitcoin, a digital currency in fifth place in terms of market capitalization, will be the focus of today's discussion, Current, the method of buying and selling its own, its most important competitor.

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a decentralized global currency, based on the technology of the Blockchain, the currency of the Bitcoin family, which offers a very useful and interesting application to Bitcoin blockchain and many overlook the nature of the currency and the functions it serves.
Litecoin has been created by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, and can be sent online almost immediately worldwide, for a very low fee, since its launch in October 2011, the market value of Litecoin has reached about $ 75 million.
Was one of the first divisions of the primary Bitcoin client, which was proposed as a solution to some of the barriers and issues of the expansion of the Bitcoin, and in particular the number of transactions that could be processed at a given time.
The Litecoin currency outperformed Bitcoin with very low transaction costs and was able to facilitate payments four times faster. The Litecoin currency originally began to draw attention during its massive growth in November 2013, where prices rose nearly 15 times. But this jump in the short-term price, the currency has been hovering around the price of $ 4 for almost two years. It also did not grow until May 2017, when all digital currencies saw tremendous growth.
But at the end of 2017 managed to break the barrier of $ 100, until the day reached this to $ 114.
Litecoin is relatively innovative and has adopted new technologies such as Segwayt, the first deal on the Lightning network that sent 0.00 million01 of the liqueur from Zurich, Switzerland to San Francisco, USA in less than a second.

The origin of Litecoin

The currency, symbolized by the LTC token, dates back to October 7, 2011, but was officially launched on October 13, 2011, by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, as we mentioned.
In November 2013 saw a dramatic rise in its price by about 15 times, but it then fell below $ 4 per currency. It did not take advantage of May 2017, which saw all the digital currencies rise and remained almost unchanged, Last year to rise to break the $ 100 barrier, until it reached $ 114 today.

Bitcoin and Litecoin

Bitcoin and Litecoin
Bitcoin is different from Litecoin in some simple directions, because almost all of the two currencies offer the same purpose and are among the first to decompose.

the cost

The cost of sending any amount of Litecoin is about $ 0.09, while the cost of sending Bitcoin is currently $ 5.00, so it is considered much cheaper in remittances and conducting various financial transactions.

 the speed

The speed of transaction confirmation plays a big role in how to obtain currency confirmation. It usually takes about 10 minutes for the Bitcoin's confirmation to increase steadily over periods of 2,548 minutes.
While the Litecoin network is able to confirm transactions at a much faster rate, which requires a fixed time of 2.5 minutes, while one block is confirmed in the Bitcoin network, four blocks of the same network are confirmed.


Litecoin is different from Bitcoin in many important variations, the most important of which is the "mining" algorithm. Litecoin uses the S-crypt method, but in fact this algorithm is integrated with the Bitcoin algorithm, under the term "script."
Litecoin needs only 2 minutes to get two certifications. Accept the process, unlike Bitcoin, which needs at least 5 minutes. However, Bitcoin is the most popular and popular in the world, and the most popular of all other electronic currencies. Silver for Litecoin, and Gold for Bitcoin.


It is known that the founder of the currency of the Bitcoin used his pseudonym "Satoshi Nakamoto", but no one knows of this person, who may not be a person from the foundation may be an institution or a state, the founder of Litecoin is a person known by everyone, Socially it is "Charlie Lee".

Litecoin wallet

Access to the wallet is not complicated. The currency website offers many different wallets, which can be downloaded easily and anywhere you want.
To download the Litecoin wallet on Windows.
To download the Litecoin wallet on Macs.
To download the Litecoin wallet on Android phones.
To download the Litecoin wallet on IOS phones.
To download the Litecoin wallet on Linux.

Buy Litecoin

Dear reader, you can buy and sell Litecoin easily, through many different platforms, and select the Litecoin in stock exchanges under the LTC or XLT currency symbol.
Many platforms, such as binance, gdax, btcchina, wex, okcoin, litecoinlocal, kraken, bitfinex, shapeshift, buy, sell or replace linux.

Price of Litecoin

Litecoin's journey since the beginning of 2018
Until the time the subject was written, the price of the Litecoin, at coinmarketcap, was around $ 114.63, which equals 0.01660,740 Bitcoin.
As for the market value of the currency amounted to 6.423 billion dollars, which equals 930,628 Bitcoin.

The competitor of the Litecoin

Digital Currencies
The digital currency is in fifth place, in the order of currencies encoded in terms of the market niche, and the fourth-ranked Bitcoin Cash is a very important competitor to this currency that wants to reach the top.
The EOS, which is in sixth place in the digital currency rankings, is a fierce rival of Litecoin, which is separated by only a few hundred million dollars.

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