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What is the EOS? - Buy EOS - EOS Price

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What is the EOS? - Buy EOS - EOS Price Eos coin .. what are the ways to get it
A new coin will be the focus of our conversation on this subject, a currency that entered the competition in the market quickly, to be ranked sixth among the 10 most important currencies by market value, and we will know through the next paragraphs much about this currency, in terms of price and market value, and The way this currency works, its characteristics and its different characteristics, its main competitors, its working group, the methods of obtaining it and its portfolios as well.
Many investors in the digital currency market expect that EOS will succeed in removing the ethereum currency from its path, even though ethereum is the second largest digital currency, but the EOS currency is so strong that these expectations exceeded the limit when some predicted the currency's ability to overthrow the biotech Himself who is considered the leader of digital currencies.

What is EOS?

Digital currency EOS
Founded in the Cayman Islands, dating back to mid-2017, EOS is headed by Dan Larimer, the founder of Steem, an alternative digital currency that operates both the Steemit trading platform and the Bitshares.
The currency quickly entered the world's top ten digital currencies, but this rise did not come from a vacuum, but was the result of studies and hard work and serious.

Development of EOS

The EOS coin, a platform that combines the technology of PLCs and smart contracts into a single, simple structure and a scalable platform, enables the economy to use cluster-smooth technology. The currency aims to be a decentralized operating system to support decentralized applications on an industrial scale.
EOS, a third-generation system of the technology of the blockchain, in the first generation was bitcoin, which solved the problem of decentralization of funds, which enabled the investor to control his funds easily without government control, and then came the technology of the second-generation Blockchain controlled by the currency of the ethereum and solved the problem of contracts And the third generation comes EOS, which works to solve the decentralization of the Internet and the Internet in addition to the above in the first generation and the second.

Ethereum and EOS

This is the direct competitor to the ethereum. In this context, Medallion, BitJob's executive director, a peer-to-peer market for facilitating job search for students, said that EOS-based software allows for horizontal and vertical expansion of decentralized applications.
Such software can perform checks, create personal accounts, provide a database, enable asynchronous connections, and schedule applications on a number of clusters and CPU clusters.
EOS differs from ethereum in concentrating efforts to solve the weaknesses in the cluster chain network. It works to solve problems of expansion, speed, and flexibility. These problems are the bottleneck that stifles the new systems of the blockchain system.
Ethos is based on the compatibility of proof of work, while EOS relies on graphene technology that uses the DPOS manual. There are many technical problems that can be caused by compatibility models such as proof of work, On those problems.

Currency Features

Features of EOS
  • Parallel processing

The currency platform is distinguished from other parallel digital currency platforms, which have the ability to carry out parallel processing in parallel, making transactions faster and more scalable.
  • Constitutional order

The constitutional system of the currency is the best that distinguishes it from others, as it is programmed to develop a set of rules agreed upon by all and linked to the mass production.
  • Decentralized operating system

The currency blocker works in a decentralized way that allows developers to build applications on the platform and have the currency to qualify for platform servers.
The developer needs to have the currency to use the platform, but this does not force developers to own the currency to pay the fee as in the rest of the other currencies, but they do not need to spend the currency to use the resources of the network, but they need to own the platform resources, The supply of currency in the markets because developers wishing to benefit from the creation of smart applications on the platform are seeking to buy the amount of this currency and keep them over priced in the market.
Since most applications use similar features such as user / password, user interfaces, and data management interfaces. This means that applications can share resources and technologies, making software development faster, safer, and less demanding. For example, applications will have their own secure database and space for files on the EOS platform.
The ESO platform will enable programmers to create applications with interfaces that will interact easily with end-users. Most users probably will not even know that they are interacting with a single network chain block, and that's what's typical about the ethereum network. In contrast to the ethereum which requires payment of the fee on each transaction the EOS does not require it.
  • Self-sufficiency and development

The EOS platform is scalable but does not exceed 5%. This increase contributes to the development of the network and is self-sufficient in the evolution of its platform.

Team work

We also mentioned that the currency task force is, based in the Cayman Islands, is made up of Brendon Plummer, the CEO and has previously been involved in companies dealing with currency exchanges in MMORPGs and real estate.
Dan Larimer, a preacher of property rights and independent decentralized organizations known as DAOs, who is behind the development of Bitshares, Steem, is also the creator of the DPOS system in which these currencies operate.

Get the currency

You can get the currency through many digital currency platforms, including Bithumb, Bitfinex, binance, and Upbit. These platforms are the largest crypto platforms in the world.
The currency can be traded against other encoded currencies, which are headed by bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Digital Dollar.

Store currency

So far, the company has not released its own blockbuster, and the official currency has not yet been released, but Tokens is on a temporary basis to collect the project's liquidity, which is spent on the development of the project.
In the near future, the Tokens will be replaced by the official currency, which will be the EOS token, and will replace the barracks of investors and move to their official Blockchain.
Until that happens, the Tokens can be stored in the ethereum-like wallets such as myetherwallet.

Partnership with Bancor

Bancor, a developer of the Bancor protocol that allows users to switch easily between various Tokens, announced in June 2017 that it was entering into a partnership with EOS, thus giving the series a lot of liquidity. The EOS.IO application is released in June 2018.
At the moment, ethereum is the only encrypted currency whose block chain contains the Bancor protocol. The partnership gives EOS a kind of superiority, while minimizing the unique features of ethereum. Conforte says:
"Ethereum has made a great effort to establish and expand its network around the world, while EOS pays for projects to enjoy its technological services, and some companies will have no choice but to support this new network, because some companies are already calling for it. Because if it is not, it will destroy all efforts to create a real and effective world with its decentralized infrastructure.

Price of EOS

EOS in 2018
The currency has risen sharply in recent times, despite the fall of many digital currencies, under the pressure and concerns of governments and financial institutions and major global banks of digital currencies, and reached $ 9.38, up to the time of writing the subject, according to coinmarketcap, and this amount Equivalent to 0.00113994 bitcoin, and 0.01680350 Ethereum.
The market value of the currency has so far reached $ 7,535,299,022, which is equivalent to 915,355 bitcoin and 13,492,957 ethereum.

The currency competitor in terms of market cap

Competitive digital currencies
EOS is in sixth place among the various digital currencies, and in fifth place is the currency of the satellite, and the currency is seeking to rise to the top of digital currencies and is considered to be the closest Litecoin competitors that the currency wants to overcome, and the currency of the cardano in seventh place is a great pressure on EOS, The rise of its center to be one of the most famous digital currencies, but with the passage of time what will happen, this Messenger in the coming days.

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