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Learn about the top 5 digital currency trading platforms

2018-07-27 01:31 pm | Resource: Crypto Section | No Views : 272

Learn about the top 5 digital currency trading platforms The choice of currency trading platforms is still a headache in the head of the investor who wants to enter this market. As with many coded currencies, there are also many exchange platforms. Today, we will learn about the top 5 exchange digital currency platforms. On them and deal with them very easily.
There is no doubt that the area of ​​digital currency has made great profits for some economists and analysts as well as for some beginners who followed the recommendations of adults in this area, but despite the current instability of digital currency prices, many are optimistic about those currencies.
The platforms for buying and selling digital currencies are many, and of course difficult to try them all, we will give you the best 5 digital currency trading platforms.

Top 5 digital currency trading platforms

The Binance Platform

The Bainance platform is the world's largest platform for digital currency trading and represents the first popular platform for Arabs and many other countries. This is of course due to the huge trading volume, with a market capitalization of $ 1,344,676,806 billion.
The Binance Platform
You do not need to check or send any official document or photo in case you wish to withdraw 2 Bitcoin daily. If you wish to withdraw more, you must confirm the account with personal documents. The withdrawal and deposit limit is open. Any digitized currency can be converted into the platform portfolio to start trading.

Bitterx Platform

Bittrex is a US-based digital currency trading platform that trades in many currencies and is preferred by some Arabs for containing some currencies not found on other platforms.
Bitterx Platform
It is easy to register, but you need to document the account with the passport if you want to uncheck it, and its disadvantages that technical support takes a long time to respond.

Poloniex platform

The Polonix platform is characterized by giving you margin trading, the activation is very easy, and the volume of trading is high, and thus will ensure the presence of sellers of currency that you want to buy and speculation, which provides the exchange of many currencies.
Poloniex platform
It also has a good popularity for Arabs, also characterized by the commission rate on the purchases and sales are few, and have a huge number of users.

HitBTC platform

The HitBTC platform is excellent and does not require personal verification. You only need to register and then deposit through digital currency. It is characterized by unlimited deposit and withdrawal without checking the identity of the account.
HitBTC platform
The platform is considered one of the best for those who wish to trade quickly, as well as daily trading volume which is large and reliable through many investors.

Houbi platform

The Houbi platform is one of the best digital currency platforms in the world, started the platform in China, then headed to Singapore after tightening control of the digital currency market in China, a giant platform in terms of the number of traders, and the value of daily trading.
Houbi platform
The platform is known to many Arab investors, characterized by an excellent user screen is similar to the sites of trading banks.
So we have finished dear reader from offering the best platforms for trading currencies in the world, from the value of trading and the number of traders and services that distinguish each platform from others.

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