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What is Crypto Jacking and how to protect yourself from it?

2018-09-13 12:17 pm | Resource: Crypto Section | No Views : 285

What is Crypto Jacking and how to protect yourself from it? Crypto Jacking has recently been widely used in the digital currency exchange market, simply using other people's computers illegally for the purposes of digital currency mining. We will explain in detail the subject, how it works, how you can protect yourself from it.

What is Crypto Jacking?

Crypto Jacking
Is the illegal use of computers for the purpose of mining digital currencies, and hackers do so by sending malicious links to victims through e-mail, and when he opens the codes are loaded for the mining of digital currency on the computer, and can do so by announcing on One of the websites in JAVA format which automatically works as soon as it is downloaded to the victim's browser.
You can notice that your computer has become significantly slower after being hit by Crypto Jacking and is the only sign of it.

Reasons for using Crypto Jacking

The volume of digital currencies that are converted through Crypto Jacking is very large. It is heavily used. Crypto Jacking growth rates are increasing every day from the previous day. Mining through web browsers has increased by 31%, with more than 33,000 sites using mining scripts Currencies.
Crypto Jacking does not require great technical skill. Crypto Jacking tools are available on the Internet at very low prices, starting at US $ 30.
Of course greed and desire for money, is the most important reason for the spread of Crypto Jacking among pirates, it is a cheap and more profitable for them to use ransom software after they penetrate the device, mining is very simple and easy and make a profit constantly.
The detection and capture of pirates in the mining of hidden digital currencies is difficult, it is capable of Crypto Jacking for a long time without detection or even determine the source to track, and is located by many victims, and the best currencies favored by pirates in the mining process is Monero and Zcash, due to the difficulty tracking these currencies.

The method of Crypto Jacking

Crypto Jacking
We also reminded you, dear reader, at the beginning that there are two ways of mining digital currency from other devices, and we will explain them to you in detail below.
The first method is to deceive the victims to carry encrypted currency mining code on their computer. This is done through various phishing techniques, including the temptation to click on a link through the UK, and when you click it loads the mining script on the computer, Throughout the period the device is open.
The second method is for a published advertisement on a website. Once you visit the site or open the advertisement in your browser, the mining script runs automatically, without any computer storage, and the mining results are sent to a server controlled by the hacker.

How do you discover Crypto Jacking?

Crypto Jacking
Of course, Crypto Jacking affects your device. If you are obsessed with digital currency trading sites and the crypto market, and you start to notice that your machine is slow, you know that because of one thing that is Crypto Jacking, then you have to download a new version of Windows, The device will return as fast as before.
You should stay abreast of Crypto Jacking developments, because they constantly develop from themselves, and you must protect your computer from those packets that will harm your computer.

Preventing Crypto Jacking

Crypto Jacking
You can do some steps that will make it difficult for hackers to access your computer. The subject is not difficult at all, but dear reader has focused a little on the next lines because it is the best solution.
Prohibit ad blocking or anti-mining on your web browser, so hijackers will not be able to access your device through ads because you've stopped them, by downloading the AD Blocker Plus tool.
Always use protection programs for your device that are capable of detecting digital currency, and there are some anti-virus programs that reveal this process.
Update your web filtering tools constantly, and make sure your extensions are safe on your web browser, because it's likely to be malicious, which makes it easy for intruders to perform Crypto Jacking on your device.
Use a mobile device management system to better control what happens to users' devices. The "Bring your computer to work" policy poses a challenge to preventing the mining of illegal encoded currencies. "The mobile device management system can maintain the security of personnel devices," says one expert. This system can help manage applications and extensions on individual devices. It is true that these systems are usually directed to large companies, and smaller firms are unable to afford them. But expert explains that mobile devices are not at the same risk as desktop computers and servers, because they usually have weaker processing capabilities, so hackers do not get too much.

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