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How to buy Bitcoin

2018-02-13 02:51 pm | Resource: Crypto Section | No Views : 446

How to buy Bitcoin Today, we will explain how you can buy that currency, detail what you need to complete a successful purchase, and how you will manage your currencies.
The electronic currency, especially the currency of the "Bitcoin", which has become the investor's mind, as well as the headlines in the various economic newspapers, has become a big popular part of the world, giving it the opportunity to increase the number of its applications, but we need to know how to get this currency.
You need only a few steps, you may see them as complicated and difficult, but they are really easy steps. All you have to do is to prepare and buy the currency, then complete the rest of the lesson to find the right way to get Bitcoin.

Step 1: Find a good Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin wallet
The wallet is used to store electronic coins, so you can control them and spend them as you like, or even exchange them in other currencies, and there are many electronic wallets that you can choose from Mainaspak to own it.
Dear reader, you can learn about the various types of Bitcoin wallets and find out the pros and cons of each wallet by entering the lesson of the Bitcoin wallet .. Best types, advantages and disadvantages.
We recommend that you start with a simple, easy-to-manage wallet that you can handle at the outset, a free online wallet where you keep your money free, and then if you have a lot of money, we recommend you buy a hardware wallet to protect yourself from piracy and theft.

Step 2: Choose the right Bitcoin trader

The way to use the exchange is the easiest way to buy a home without an intermediary. There are many traders, some of whom you can trust. The other may not. You should consider the fees for buying that currency and what payment methods are available.
Coinbase: It is the most obvious proposition for people who buy the first Bitcoin, it is a very simple site to use, has a great interface, and consistently shows high quality when it comes to customer care, it does not pay very high fees, also available on desktop and mobile devices, Suggested if you are not confirmed by another dealer.
Cex: offers more simplicity, for those who want to buy a bitcoin, and provides you with spot rates, basic selling and buying options, but its disadvantage is that its payment options are somewhat limited.
If you would prefer to take a more direct route to buying a bitcoin, you can choose either a localbitcoins or a bitquick, because they offer a wide range of payment options, and you can buy your home directly from a seller without an intermediary, however, be sure to be safe.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate form of payment

Bitcoin ATM
Exchange offers a wide range of payment options, how you want to pay, you can pay by bank transfers, credit cards, but there are some ways that are not available in the payment process, including PayPal transfers may not allow the payment process, as well as wire transfers which do not exist .
Bitcoin ATMs allow you to exchange currency in cash-compatible wallets. Although these devices are not available worldwide, they are located in specific locations only, but offer an alternative to withdrawing funds.

Step 4: Buy the Bitcoin and store it in your wallet

How can I buy Bitcoin?
For example, if you want to buy a home for $ 500, you can buy 0.0534 Bitcoin, and this value varies with the price of the Bitcoin at the same time You want to buy it, and this is never to worry about being well aware of the numbers you will pay and you will get, as well as the price of the Bitcoin at the time you will buy it.
We advise you not to risk a large amount at first, but pay a small amount at the beginning and then slowly pay more so that you can get a big profit.
After you purchase the Bitcoin, you transfer the money to your electronic wallet that you have created in advance, and then you can handle your currency as you wish.
The deal takes a long time in the case of busy trading hours, unlike other currency transactions, but it will take an hour or two to complete it, so you may not find the Pitcuin in your account after payment directly just wait an hour or two you will find in your wallet.

Step 5: Use your Bitcoin

Electronic currency Bitcoin

If you buy a homeowner to buy something, or buy it for eventual profit, you will be ready to do so at the moment of notice, and currency fluctuations must be taken into consideration. Always be prepared by creating a seller account now, or Find out how to buy before you plan for it.
In this way you will be the dear reader of the purchase of Bitcoin, and you will not have to rush in the case of falling currency because you will be insured of course, and will not feel like others feel who did not read this lesson.
In this way, we have explained the lesson of getting the Bitcoin. In the end, we would like to have an easy explanation and cover all of your pastors in the process of purchasing the electronic process.

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