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​Bitcoin Cash hard fork converts the digital currency market into a war arena

2018-11-22 10:21 am | Resource: Crypto Section | No Views : 236

​Bitcoin Cash hard fork converts the digital currency market into a war arena Bitcoin Cash was split on Nov. 15, and society is still debating the issue. Since the chain split into two separate networks, additional trading platforms such as Coinbase and Bitstamp have re-established the BCH markets by choosing to include the ABC series with the BCH index.
It has been almost a week since the split that has caused great debate and mixed emotions has turned into a state of ongoing war. According to Coin Dance statistics, 852 pieces of mines have been found since changing consensus rules and changing the ABC series to six blocks. In addition, the owners of Coin Dance considered the ABC series as the winner of the BCH name and now refer to the series as Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Statistics also show that the BCH has 44% of PoW over BSV. At the time of publication, both series had approximately 4,000 PH / s or 4 exahash of hashrate value each, however, this scale fluctuated strongly, and it became difficult to measure averages over a short period of time.
Market prices in the BCH also fell this week, reaching a low of $ 227 per currency on November 20. Currently, BCH / USD charts show that the average spot price is between $ 230 and $ 255 and that digital assets have an assessment Market above $ 4 billion.
Exchanges such as Bittrex and Poloniex have returned online, but the volume of the global BCH trade is very low today, with BCH $ 84 million traded over the last 24 hours. The BSV is trading at around $ 50 at the time of publication on exchanges such as Kraken, Bittrex, Poloniex, and Coinex. Current supply is currently unknown, but statistics from the Canadianmarketcap estimates there were around $ 57.6 million of SV's volume on Wednesday.
The Bitcoin Cash community is still on the battlefield and started six days ago, two major exchanges announced the re-establishment of the BCH markets, and they decided to award the ABC series the BCH index. Last Tuesday, the digital currency exchange in San Francisco talked about the fact that it was closely monitoring the BCH network. The Coinbase Blog recalls that it has observed consensus and that the "BCH ABC Series will retain the name Bitcoin Cash (BCH)". The stock exchange said a number of factors are taking into account including PoW and hashrate. At this time, the business is resuming trading with Coinbase Pro and iOS and Android apps should be ready by next week. The stock exchange also confirmed that the company will continue to monitor the SV series.
"We will continue to evaluate the integrity of the SV BCH series, our current objective is to support the draw services of the SV BCH series, so that our customers can withdraw funds at a future date," explained Coinbase.
The exchange of digital currency trading:
If network conditions change significantly or become unsafe at any time, Coinbase may review these plans.
The order at the Bitstamp Exchange for digital currency trading was not much different from Coinbase, revealing the stock market about its plans to re-enable BCH deposits and withdrawals. The platform explained to customers on Twitter that the platform "will only support transfers from / to the Bitcoin Cash ABC series." The company warned against sending BSV codes to Bitstamp where they would not be deposited in the accounts.
Cointext, which allows anyone to send a BCH to someone else via SMS, issued its decision on the split on Nov. 21. Cointext services will follow the Bitcoin ABC application rules set, which is detailed in a blog post. "This approach seems to be a clear consensus in the market as a whole," the announcement said.
In general, BCH ABC seems to have succeeded in the early days of the split in its control of the digital currency exchanges, while SV is still submerged in the sea of ​​conspiracies, and the judgment of its failure is too early, but when this war ends this is not clear at that time.

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