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5 digital currencies can be easily mined at home by computer

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5 digital currencies can be easily mined at home by computer Digital currency mining at home has become very difficult, with so many devices emerging, as well as the emergence of cloud mining and various digital currency mining companies. But dear, you still have a golden opportunity to take advantage of digital currency mining at home and make a lot of money behind this process.
"Tradingpeek" offers you the best digital currency you can easily extract at home and earn a lot of money. Mining these currencies does not require huge possibilities or mining devices, but it can be done with your personal home appliance.

Monero (XMR) is the easiest digital currency that can be mined at home
Monero (XMR)

Monero (XMR) is the best digital currency that can be mined on your home computer, since its mining focuses heavily on the CPU, but initially you must create your own digital wallet on any platform for currency trading, or even Downloading the Monero wallet from their official site, and then doing a full wallet synchronization with the network, takes a lot of time and space as well.
Monero is emerging in April 2014, and is open-source, offering you more privacy and security, and is scalable.
For more information on Monero and its advantages click here.

Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash (ZEC)
Zcash mining at home relies on the CPU, and mining on this currency makes you naturally get rewards due to transaction validation, and Zcash can easily be converted to any other digital currency, or even a conventional currency through Euro and Dollar currency trading platforms.
Zcash appeared in the digital currency market in October 2016 and emerged in the industry because of its anonymity because of its reliance on the zk-snark locking system, which allows the network to keep the ledger fully secure.
For more information about Zcash and its advantages click here.

Dogecoin (DOGE)
Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin appeared in the digital currency market in December 2013, and its beginning was a cynical currency from Bitcoin, but it has succeeded in being today among the most powerful digital currencies in the industry. This currency can be mined at home by owning a digital wallet at first, Create your own account on any mining site, add the pre-created wallet address to you, then update the account by typing and clarifying the data required from you, choosing the right mining software for you and uploading it to your personal home computer, installing and starting it, Dogecoin mining at home on the processing unit Central.
For more information on Dogecoin and its advantages click here.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Bitcoin gold is based on the graphics processing unit. The currency appeared in October 2017 and began operating in November 2017. Its current ranking is ranked 27th in the digital currency market by market value. Despite the currency's recentity, The current market value of $ 183 million.
Bitcoin Gold is intended to transfer mining from major companies and leading entities in that field, to mining at home using personal computers.
For more information about Bitcoin Gold and its advantages click here.

Zerocoin (ZeroCoin)
Zerocoin (ZeroCoin)

A digital currency created by the gambling community through the "Zero Edge" platform. The platform aims to produce digital currencies dedicated to electronic gambling, which appeared in May 2017.
The currency is characterized by the possibility of mining in the home by relying on the GPU, it is an open source currency, allowing transactions to be quickly and characterized as anonymous, and allows its network to exchange encrypted messages between users, which is a messaging application.

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