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​The most important reasons for losing your investment in digital currencies

2019-02-27 01:58 pm | Resource: Crypto Section | No Views : 207

​The most important reasons for losing your investment in digital currencies Of course, trading digital currencies is very profitable, even if you are not very familiar with the idea of ​​digital currencies, or the nature of this market, but despite this profit, but you can be exposed to loss of investment in this area because of errors we will tell you the following .
Digital currencies have become the latest investors and economists in the world. A large group of them believe that this investment is very profitable and another part that it considers to be very risky, but this market, like other trading markets, has reasons for profit and also reasons for loss of investment. Today we will talk about the main reasons why you can lose as a result of currency trading.

Listening to tips from non-specialists

lost investment in digital currencies
There is no doubt that this is a fairly new market, so we have seen a group in social networking sites, YouTube and other social programs, calling themselves experts in the field of digital currency, although their ideas are limited, except a small part of them already have this experience.
There is another part that works directly with currency companies. You may be advised to trade on their own currencies only to get a percentage of your investment in these currencies, but in the nature of the situation this currency is unstable and will not make a profit for you.
Social networking sites and many websites have ads telling you that investing in a particular digital currency will earn you a lot of money, and when you invest in it you will find yourself losing your investment.
Instead of listening to the talk of non-specialists, or walking behind social networking sites, you must study before entering the market, and watch the currencies you want to invest in, and then invest in the currency you want, and do not mind the question of specialists already before the participation in Trading any currency.

Digital currency storage

lost investment in digital currencies
Digital currency storage can be one of the main reasons for losing your investment in this area, and storing digital currency is to save money in your wallet or wallet, and keep it up until it rises and sells it for profit , But this process can lead you to a great loss.
If you bought Bitcoin at the end of 2017 when it was priced at around $ 20,000 and held it for a year, you would find that the currency at the end of 2018 was $ 6,000, with a loss of approximately $ 14,000 in one year, Just.
Therefore, my dear, it is possible that the storage process is designed not to lose a large value, if you buy a currency at a high price, and then the decline of its way, you must get out of this loss with minimal losses, and investment is fully collapsing, although the method of storage of It is possible to be profitable if you buy a low currency and then the price is very high, but it is considered a risk in investing in the digital currency, especially as the field of digital currencies is characterized by the current volatility is very high.

FOMO status

FOMO is a term that means fear of nothing, and it is very widespread in digital currencies. As I told you in the previous paragraphs when the largest digital currency reached its record level at the end of 2017, when it reached about $ 20,000, many investors regretted that they did not But the idea here is that this scarcity gave birth to the idea, why do not you enter into this investment now and make a big profit, and indeed it is what happened, but the wind did not come as the ships desire, there was no profit from the foundation, who bought This currency at such a huge price, encountered very large drop.
Of course, FOMO does not always mean losing, but it is a big mistake in investing in a general form to buy a currency, stock, or commodity even, which is high in price, by the principle that you are afraid to miss profit because this currency will never go down. In the loss of your investment in the field of digital currencies, because as we said that the market is highly volatile, and that nothing in the world always rises and never decreases.


Marginal trading or leveraging may be a reason for losing your investment in digital currencies if you have not traded it correctly, but we need to know how margin trading or leveraging can be true.
For example: you are trading with a leverage of 1:20, then you will get $ 20 if your deal price rises by $ 2, but if you lose $ 2, you lose $ 20 instead of profit.
Leverage is a process of proportion, as we said 1:20 means you will be able to buy assets worth $ 20 but using a $ 1 investment only.
You should know that the higher the margin, the higher the potential income, the higher the risk, so the leverage should be more experienced people, who know the volatility of the digital currency market, they have already confirmed that if not sure Its trading capabilities, it can not use margin trading or leverage.

Important tips to reduce the loss of your investment in digital currencies

lost investment in digital currencies
  • Make future plans before you start investing in digital currencies, although this is difficult for those who are random and impulsive, but it has to be done in trading.
  • Not being emotionally bound to a single digital currency, because it is possible that this currency will fall heavily, but your association with it emotionally will affect your investment.
  • Long-term planning reduces your losses in the area of ​​digital currencies, and reduces the risk of circulation as well.
  • Using digital currency books and reading relevant topics, you should be familiar with this market before you start trading.
  • Obtain sufficient courses that qualify you to trade in the digital currency market.
  • In order to make a profit in investing in digital currencies, you must first pass the loss. So, dear. If you lose for the first time in trading of digital currency, you should not be given back to this market, but you must have the determination to succeed and make a big profit. The winners are losers at some point to be successful in the field.

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