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​The best ways to save digital currencies from the risk of theft

2019-03-05 02:31 pm | Resource: Crypto Section | No Views : 261

​The best ways to save digital currencies from the risk of theft Perhaps you are browsing the news of Tradingpeek, you have heard the news about the Canadian QuadrigaCX Exchange, and I learned the details of the story, so dear today we benefit you in the most reliable way to save your digital currency.
For those who do not know about the QuadrigaCX digital currency exchange and what happened, it is simply a Canadian-based stock exchange that trades in digital currency. The founder, founded by Gerald Cotten, died in December last year. After his death, $ 190 million CAD, which is almost $ 145 million, no one knows where they are, because Cotten kept private digital currencies on the stock exchange in places he knew only.
Some companies have checked and checked QuadrigaCX, some said that digital currencies have been saved in digital wallets, another says they have been saved on other exchanges in ETH, such as the Karken stock exchange, and others say the currencies have been stolen but the creditors have not yet received After their money.
This case opens up a kind of question: what is the best way to save encrypted digital currencies? Are Internet wallets, computer wallets, purses, cold pads, or even paper purses, or currencies placed on exchanges and are responsible for their protection?, This is what we will discuss in our conversation today about ways to save digital currencies from the risk of theft.

Save digital currencies in paper wallets
Save digital currencies in paper wallets

Paper wallets may be the most reliable way of keeping digital currencies at risk of theft, but you can be at risk of loss if you lose a paper with wallet data from public and private keys.
At first you should know that a paper wallet is reliable in keeping digital currencies for long periods. After printing your wallet on paper, place it in a safe place that no one else knows, and it is best to put it in the bank vaults where you have an account, That even if you die so God forbid, the money will be transferred to the heirs naturally.
Putting a paper wallet in a bank safe is the best way to protect yourself and your digital currencies from being stolen from internet criminals.

Hardware wallets
Hardware wallets

Another method of reliable ways to save digital currency from theft, which are the devices, which are devices with a USB port, are saved in the digital currency, and easy to connect in your phone or computer at any time, to follow up your money from time to time.
Wallets are one of the safest options for keeping digital currencies. The makers of Ledger Nano S, Trezor, KeepKey and other manufacturers keep customers safe from theft or hacking. And effective, as it is even secure from the risk of being connected to a computer infected with viruses or malicious programs.
These pocket-sized devices enable you to interact with a built-in screen and are handled through smartphones through dedicated applications. These devices are password protected, anti-spyware and anti-virus, and provide the ability to take backup copies of your data .
But the problem with digital currency Wallets is not that it's free, you're being asked to pay some money to get it, and there are some fairly expensive ones, unlike paper bags that come free.
The good kind of digital currency wallets or hardware wallets exceed $ 100.

Tips on Saving Digital currencies

Tips on Saving Digital currencies
We offer you a set of tips dear reader, you must take into account before choosing any form you would like to rely on in the process of keeping digital currencies from the risk of theft and penetration, and perhaps the most important of these tips are as follows:
  • Do not save your digital currency in the wallets of the Internet, although it is quickly handled by easy access to the balance, ease of transmission and reception, but it is more vulnerable to hacking because of storing their keys on the Internet, and can be stolen very easily, Your access means losing your money.
  • The phone's wallets are good at keeping your digital currency, whether it's Android or IOS apps, but dear you take responsibility for yourself in the first and the second, because relying on this kind of conservative will restrict you something, meaning that you can’t give your mobile to anyone to surf something, You can’t open the Internet networks in different shops and public places, and there are some deceptive applications that aim to steal your money once sent to them so you must verify the validity of the application before dealing with it, and if the theft of the phone will deposit your money and your phone is not your phone only .
  • Wallets of computers that are loaded on your computer, and put money in them, it applies to everything described in the wallets of telephone devices, in the sense that you take full responsibility for it.
  • The best free wallet is a paper wallet, placed in a safe place no one else knows, and can’t be lost in this place.
  • The best types of wallets in general are wallets or hardware wallets, but they are not free, but they are paid for.

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