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Economic Data Affecting Foreign Exchange Trading Part II

20-11-2017 | No Views : 417

Economic Data Affecting Foreign Exchange Trading Part II

We spoke in the first part of the economic data affecting foreign exchange trading on part of the important US news, and in this section we will talk about more data that could affect your trading process.

US Economic Data:

US Trade Balance

The Bureau of Economic Analysis at the Ministry of Commerce issues the monthly trade balance report, which is the difference between imports and exports.
The result is the trade deficit if the volume of exports is less than the volume of imports, but if the volume of exports exceeds the volume of imports then called the trade surplus.
It is a very important and influential economic indicators, and it is positive for the US dollar if the result is greater than expected, or if the result of the report is less than expected, it will be negative on the dollar against the rest of the currencies.

GDP deflator rate

The report on the US GDP deflator generates annual revenue from the Bureau of Economic Analysis at the Ministry of Commerce.
The index is based on all that has been produced within the country, so it is one of the effective indicators that measure the level of inflation, and it is a very important news.
If the result of the news is larger than expected, it will positively affect the currency price. If the value is lower than expected, the result will be negative for the US dollar.

Retail Sales

The Retail Sales Index is one of the most important consumer spending indicators, measuring the total retail sales of goods.
The index report is released monthly from the US Department of Commerce's Bureau of Statistics, which is very important and could trigger a sharp price move as soon as it is released.
The value of the index when it is larger than expected affects the US dollar positively, but if the value falls below the expected negative impact on the currency.

Existing Home Sales

The Existing Home Sales Index is very important and has a strong impact on the USD once it is released. It is issued monthly to calculate the number of homes owned by previous people sold in the month preceding the release of the report.
It should be noted that the index reflects the state of the housing sector, if its value is greater than expected, its effect is positive on the US dollar, and conversely, if the value less than expected affects the dollar negatively.

New Home Sales

The new home sales index reaps the sales of new housing units and initial contracts agreed upon. The index report is issued monthly by the Economic Analysis Bureau at the Ministry of Commerce.
It is a news of high importance affecting the movement of the currency, and if its value is greater than the index is positive on the US dollar, but if less than expected the impact is negative.

US Employment Situation Report

The index measures the number of jobs in all sectors other than the government sector and the agricultural sector, which is a labor market indicator.
The index report is released on Friday from the first of each month by the Labor Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Manpower, an important news that has a positive impact on the US dollar if the reading is higher than expected and negative for the US dollar if it is less than expected

Initial Jobless Claims

Initial jobless claims are a recruitment indicator that first ranks applicants for unemployment benefits they have not previously received.
Which is a very important news issued by the Department of Labor and Training Ministry of Manpower weekly.
Dear reader so we have finished the second part of the economic data affecting the circulation of foreign currencies and you can see the first part.

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