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Economic Data Affecting Foreign Exchange Trading Part III

20-11-2017 | No Views : 451

Economic Data Affecting Foreign Exchange Trading Part III

In the first part and the second part of the economic data affecting foreign exchange, we dealt with many data on the US economy.
In this part of the lesson of economic data affecting the circulation of foreign currency talking about the rest of the important data related to the US economy and impact on the movement of the US dollar against other currencies

US Economic Data:

US Investor Trend

The indicators of investor sentiment are indicators of confidence. They include a number of indicators, the most important being the investor confidence index. The indicators measure the performance of investors through the University of Michigan survey and the Conference Board Survey.
This is a news of high importance that will be released on Tuesday to the end of each month and will be positive for the US Dollar if the reading of the report is higher than expected as soon as it is published. The value of the index is also reflected negatively on the currency if it is lower than expected.

ISM Manufacturing Index

Is a production index issued monthly by the Institute of Management, which determines the extent of improvement or decline of a group of industrial institutions, as it is a survey of procurement managers of these institutions.
The index report is very important and affects prices at the time of its release, and its effect on the currency is positive if it is greater than expected, but if it is less than expected, it will negatively affect the USD.

Non-Industrial Indicator of the American Institute of Resource Management ISM Manufacturing Index

Is a productive index such as the Industrial Institute of the American Institute of Resource Management, but in this indicator is a survey on service institutions such as telecommunications companies, banks, banking services and other service institutions.
It is published monthly by the Institute of Resource Management, a high-profile news that positively affects the US dollar if it comes in larger than expected and negatively affects the USD if it is lower than expected.

Federal Reserve Committee meeting FOMC

The Fed releases the results of the Federal Reserve Committee meeting, which represents the interest rate policy in the United States. The committee organizes eight meetings a year.
The Committee assesses the risks to its future objectives regarding economic growth and price stability and sets its position on monetary policy.
The committee also sets interest rates, and the data issued by the committee is one of the most important economic data related to the American economy, which is causing a violent movement on the US dollar.

Fed interest rate

Is one of the most important data released by the Federal Reserve, which is announced at the Federal Reserve Committee meeting, causing a sharp fluctuation in the price of the dollar immediately after issuance.
Given their importance, we will address them in a separate lesson on the economic factors affecting interest rates and their relationship with inflation levels.
Dear reader, we have concluded the important economic data for the US economy and the impact on the dollar, and in the next lessons we will address the data of many countries affecting the world economy and influential in the foreign exchange market.

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