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Explanation of trading platform MetaTrader

19-11-2017 | No Views : 562

Explanation of trading platform MetaTrader

MetaTrader is the most popular forex trading platform for forex traders. In this lesson we will explain the platform and how to use it.
First we will discuss how to install the platform on the device and create a demo trading account, and the demo account allows you to trade fake funds on current prices to help beginners in training, and used by professionals to test its trading system.
Forex brokers provide MetaTrader free platform to users, so download the platform from the site of the company you want to try their prices, and after downloading on your device you install it like any software installed on your computer.
Dear Reader Once the platform has been installed on your machine you will create a demo account so you can see the prices instantaneously and demo trading.

Method of opening a demo account on MetaTrader trading platform:

  • We choose open an account from the file menu as shown in the attached picture.
  • A list labeled New demo account will appear, and then click Next.

  • This last step after completion of the first and second plan will open another list that fills out your personal data and account data and after completing the data you agree and then press next.
  • After completing these steps you will be provided with your account number and password to be able to open the platform.

See the attached pictures below each point to understand the steps above.
After opening the account we will be the number of pairs shown in the list of pairs (Symbols) few, and to show them full stand mouse at the top of the price list at the point indicated by one number in the image attached below, and then click on the right mouse, then a list will appear from which we choose show all.
The menu is visible to the left of the screen, and if you can not find it, you can press ctrl + m.


Open a new deal with Stop Loss and set the target on the MetaTrader trading platform

We click on the new order referred to as the letter A in the attached picture below, or by pressing the F9 button, you will open a new window through which you can adjust the transaction, and contains the following options:

1- Volume: Adjusts the size of the open nodes.
2- Stop loss: To determine the stop loss price.
3- Take profit: a target price.
4- Sell ​​by market: for sale.
5- Buy by market: For Sale.

Indicators in MetaTrader trading platform

We install indicators from the list of indicators indicated in the arrow in the attached picture below, and four lists of indicators are divided into these:

  • Trend Indicators

They are indicators that follow the price trend and are more commonly used when the price is in a clear direction
  • Oscillators

It is also called Momentum indicators such as MACD, Stochastic, and are used in the cross-direction or to extract the breakout price which indicates near the reversal of the trend.
  • Volume Indicators Volume

Which measure the volume of liquidity, which is frequently used in VSA liquidity analysis
  • Bill Williams Indices

  • Custom Indicators

These indicators are installed on the trading platform.

Dear reader, we have finished explaining the most important tools used in the trading platform MetaTrader but not all, and in the next lessons we will explain more about this important platform.

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