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crypto trading is becoming more secure with CryptoCompare

2019-06-12 11:53 am | Resource: News Section | No Views : 730

crypto trading is becoming more secure with CryptoCompare CryptoCompare, a London-based company, is heavily involved in crypto trading, and has launched the Exchange Benchmark product, which classifies more than 100 instant exchanges across the world.
CryptoCompare said in a statement on Wednesday (June 12th) that the new product was launched in response to growing industry concerns sparked by research suggesting that a large number of digital currency exchanges worldwide use money laundering and other Strategies, including schemes of deception and stimulus, to amplify trade volumes.
The press release:
"The problem has been getting worse with the increase of low-quality exchanges (C-F) in increasing market share by 30% in the past 12 months, indicating the need for a taxonomy methodology that does not depend on the overall size."
In order to address this problem and provide a more reliable view of the trading volumes, CryptoCompare designed its standard indicator for monitoring the exchange of various digital currencies by publishing both quality (due diligence) and quantitative approach (market quality based on order book and trade data).
Instead of relying on total volume data, it is said that the index uses "correlation between volume, fluctuation and standard change" as inputs for more than 30 measurements.
Using the data measurement standards for May 2019, CryptoCompare revealed that it is one of the top 10 most trusted crypto trading exchanges in the world: Coinbase, Poloniex, Bitstamp, BitFlyer, Liquid, itBit, Kraken, Binance, Gemini and Bithumb.
The index will feed CryptoCompare's total indicators to create reference prices for top tier exchanges in an effort to provide investors and traders with a high-integrity data set, the press release said. Along with the product, CryptoCompare Research Unit released a more detailed look at the company's exchange measurement methodology.
An analysis from Bitwise Asset Management for the Digital Currency Indexing Fund, which was submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission in March, showed that 95% of the volume of unregulated crypto trading appeared to be fake or uneconomic by nature.
The Bitswise analysis echoed a series of previous analyzes that appeared to confirm the prevalence of misleading reports on trade volume in the industry.
Just yesterday, CryptoCompare unveiled a partnership with NASDAQ to issue a new e-currency pricing product targeted at institutional investors following the recent announcement of a joint venture with BitMEX to build a future real-time data set.

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