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Cryptocurrency wallet GateHub is losing 23 million XRP

2019-06-17 12:10 pm | Resource: News Section | No Views : 141

Cryptocurrency wallet GateHub is losing 23 million XRP The penetration of the cryptocurrency wallet GateHub, which occurred earlier this month, resulted in a loss of approximately 23 million XRP of approximately $ 9 million.
However, Whale Alert, tracking large crypto transactions, alerted the community to the stolen money being transferred to various stock exchanges.
One of these currencies, which appeared on the digital currency exchange Bitfinex, was identified as 400025 XRP, on Sunday June 16, at 10:57 am UTC.
The sender came r4hyDYXv7iV3oCahxQzqYYfgxwyBx3AyMN, and was specified to be GateHub hack of the 2019 hack, the receiver address was specified to be Bitfinex's-r9o9MerrS7d2GAEs6JPj4v4JcvZAJNtL The transaction fragmentation rate was 21124F7818A2903E9750456D603CC9AACC9DBE6CE2EF0AA191C734339B4CA682.
Another transaction was noted for the title of the Bitfinex wallet where 100,000 XRP was transferred from another specified Cryptocurrency wallet GateHub address. The specified Bitfinex wallet address is rDcz7P9YMpffLKhRBovTzhUr3wKtk3y9q7. This wallet title was quick to transfer funds immediately to another stock exchange, OKEx.
OKEx received by 3000 XRP of stolen money to the OKEx URL specified - rUzWJkXyEtT8ekSSxkBYPqCvHpngcy6Fks. It was observed that the transaction fragmentation rate was BE97F68A20E996A2E1A37228DCBD45A1F26E8E2B3A842E9FCFFF7721157C1C37.
The stolen money was transferred to another prominent bourse, the Binance Exchange, and Changpeng Zhao, the stock exchange's executive director, was quick to report to Whale Alert that he would look into it.
However, users did not find any satisfaction with these funds going to other exchanges because stock exchanges did not respond to large transactions.
On Monday, June 17, the Ripple (XRP) reached $ 0.4, up 3.86% over the past 24 hours, while the market value of the world's third largest digital currency reached $ 1.8 billion, Coinmarketcap data.
The problem of the cryptocurrency wallet and trading exchanges is also one of the main problems facing the market at present. It is difficult to repay money again, which makes many investors move away from this market for fear of stealing the money they want to invest in.

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