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Bitcoin enters Tim Draper in a bet with the current Argentine president

2019-06-26 12:15 pm | Resource: News Section | No Views : 126

Bitcoin enters Tim Draper in a bet with the current Argentine president In an interview at Bitcoin (BTC) 2019, Tim Draper revealed his view on the implications of his "joking" with the current Argentine president, this year, during a trip to South America.
During his visit to Argentina, Draper met with the Argentinean leader and talked about the benefits of digital currency, and encouraged him to legalize the status of BTC.
The conversation covered the devaluation of the Argentine peso and quickly escalated into a bet: If the BTC becomes more valuable than the peso by 2023, the Argentine leader will be declared a national currency.
Draper said that Bitcoin will reach $ 250,000 between 2022 and 2023, surpassing the entire currency market to a large extent, adding:
"BTC will own 5% of the global digital currency market.
While it is not clear whether the president has agreed to bet, Venture Capitalist, told reporters, that the proposal was a joke, noting that:
"People will choose Bitcoin on a peso when they see everything they can do using the BTC. That's why I made a prediction and then bet a joke with the president."
Draper is optimistic about Argentina, but worries about the future president, Draper said during the session "his popularity is falling."
The Argentine peso is currently facing an expected 36% fall by the end of 2019. The Macri government also faces an increase of 77% in public debt, the highest rate in Latin America. According to Draper, the solution lies in making Argentina open to investment.
"The only way to grow is to be the country that all entrepreneurs want to go to, one of those moments when the president has an important influence on his country."
On the other hand, the investor has high expectations for the Argentinean start-up industry and has invested $ 3 million so far in Argentine entrepreneurship.
He added that the real investment from his point of view, the technical infrastructure of Argentina is essential, the South American leader said that the implementation of 5G wireless in the country is imperative, as well as blockchain technology.
"I think it is time to attract investors and venture capital to continue to progress, otherwise the status quo will still exist and could lead to a collapse," Draper said.

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