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Bitcoin beats Kim Kardashian and Trump in USA

2019-07-05 04:35 pm | Resource: News Section | No Views : 101

Bitcoin beats Kim Kardashian and Trump in USA Increasing awareness of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC), in the United States, seems to be becoming increasingly noticeable, according to a new research report released by the Coinbase.
The report, based on Google Trends data, found that the search for BTC in America surpassed many A-class celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian.
What is striking in the new research report is that Bitcoin has dominated the search results in America significantly, surpassing the search for Donald Trump, the current US president, in relation to his inquiries at Google over the past week. The peak search for Trump, Thursday, July 4 , But BTC quickly returned to control the results.
This is due to the rise in the prices of digital currencies in general in the past few days, which confirms that investment in the market is strongly returning after these remarkable increases.
In another comprehensive report from The Tie, a large proportion of Twitter tweets about BTC, 38.9%, came from the United States alone. Of the mentioned percentage, and 61.5% of BTC's total positive votes were positive.
The digital currency Libra of FSBOC also accounted for 43.8%. However, 54.8% of this percentage was reported to be negative, but it was more positive in the UK.
Countries with an uncertain regulatory climate, such as the United States and France, have had the most negative feedback about Libra.
The United States also dominated the chainlink-related tweets, which account for 53%. Chainlink received outstanding lights after its original icon, LINK, rose more than 300% in just two weeks. LINK rose another 104% after the announcement of listing on the digital currency exchange Coinbase, after the United States, the Netherlands was the second country to dominate the Chainlink tweets. Large volumes of Twitter conversations, including the same in the UK, Australia, Canada and Denmark, have also been noted.
The Tie measure of the positive and negative public sentiment of Bitcoin's feeds measures a world map where users from most countries show the bullish sentiment of the world's largest digital currency.

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