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​Blockchain is solution of LG in promoting transparent school meals

2019-07-09 09:36 am | Resource: News Section | No Views : 68

​Blockchain is solution of LG in promoting transparent school meals LG CNS, a subsidiary of the South Korean multinational conglomerate LG Corp, will implement blockchain to enhance the transparency of the school lunch supply chain, the news was reported by ZDNet on Tuesday (July 9th).
The new system, created in collaboration with the local IT service provider SayIT, is based on LG's block chain Monachain platform, which was first launched in May 2018.
In collaboration with regional governments, the system will be implemented for food that is provided in national school cafeterias and will provide transparent information and supply chain history of agricultural products used.
The report said the data will include information on product production, processing, distribution, acquisition and consumption, all of which will be recorded on the blockchain platform and made available to the public.
In an official statement, LG CNS explained that the initiative aims to help parents make informed choices to protect the health of their children. She also revealed that the advertising system will be supported by the platform, which enables food producers to distribute mobile phone publications that promote their goods to consumers.
ZDNet noted parallel system developments for LG CNS, a special system that focuses on tracking and recycling batteries used in electric vehicles in Jeju Island in South Korea.
Last summer, LG CNS unveiled plans to boost enterprise offerings in seven key areas, including block chain technology.
The Monachain platform was launched to provide customers with "a new type of identification, a DID, which can be used for personal identification and online payments via smart devices."
In February of this year, the digital currency trading Binance, the world's largest digital currency exchange, launched the block-chain trial program for African schools.
Blockchain continues its remarkable progress in many different fields and industries, and is witnessing significant progress in these areas through many different partnerships, as this emerging technology is approaching something virtual in the control of all different fields, because of achieving elements required in industries Such as speed, transparency, and safety.

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