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Encrypted currency Entering the thinking of the authorities in Palestine

2019-07-09 03:41 pm | Resource: News Section | No Views : 234

Encrypted currency Entering the thinking of the authorities in Palestine In Palestine, the spotlight is now on the country's encrypted currency, in order to escape the economic problems it is currently experiencing.
In the same context, the Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohammed Ashteh, said Tuesday, July 9, that his country is in the process of using cryptocurrency, in order to overcome the obstacles placed by the Zionist entity in front of the government at the moment.
In his speech at the opening of the Palestine Center for Computer Emergency Response in Ramallah, Ashteh added that Palestine is going to apply the encrypted currency to be an alternative to the local currency, stressing that his country will work in the coming period to be a pioneer of technology in everything, not even The occupation can impede them in development.
For his part, the Prime Minister did not provide further details on the nature of the currency's currency, the timing of its operation or the mechanism for implementing the resolution. However, the coming days may witness further statements and clarifications on this matter.
Currently, the territory of the Palestinian Authority uses the Israeli shekel as the official currency, in addition to other currencies, such as the Jordanian dinar, the euro, and the US dollar.
The Palestinian government is seeking to develop a payment mechanism other than the Israeli currency, to avoid problems related to the surplus of the shekel in the domestic market, and the Prime Minister said:
"We are working to transform e-government into a reality felt by the citizen, the cryptocurrency market has become more sophisticated and ready for this idea."
He stressed the need to work on "the preservation of information in official institutions," noting that "the infiltration of information is part of the Israeli war on the Palestinian Authority."
At the moment, the digital currency continues to perform well in April, which started in April last year, as many of the currencies went up in prices, which attracted many investors to the market again, to witness great profits for many companies .
Interest in the encrypted currency was not only at the level of governments or individuals. Many companies moved to the idea of ​​launching their own digital currency, as Facebook, one of the world's largest social networking companies, has announced.

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