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Crypto Trading Coinone signs new agreements to improve security

2019-08-08 11:31 am | Resource: قسم الأخبار | No Views : 37

Crypto Trading Coinone signs new agreements to improve security Crypto TradingCoinone has signed deals with CertiK and Xangle to improve security and enhance disclosure across the platform, according to a new statement from the company.
The South Korean-based Crypto Exchange said it will work with Xangle to protect investors and the transparency of the project, while with CertiK, the focus will be on code security, technology verification and project information security.
The move comes as Crypto Trading has become the subject of intense scrutiny in South Korea and the world. With concerns about money laundering and with the FATF guidelines beginning to take effect, Seoul's banking and financial institutions are being tested and are improving their client knowledge programs and operations.
It was reported on Wednesday, August 8, that the Korea Financial Services Commission (FSC) plans to supervise the stock exchanges.
With fears of piracy hacks mounting, the Korea Fair Trade Commission (FTC) in June called for a change in terms and conditions of use of cryptocurrency exchanges, requiring exchanges to take responsibility for any losses resulting from theft. Two breakthroughs in one year, lost more than $ 50 million in the process. Coinone itself was raided in early 2018, along with Bithumb, by South Korean tax authorities.
One concern for Coinone is that cryptocurrencies themselves can enter viruses on the exchange and allow them to penetrate, according to a report in the local Korean press.
New York-based CertiK, founded in 2017, led by academics and invested by Binance Laboratories and consensus approvals, specializes in "verifying" contract restrictions and smart contracts. It says that what you do is just a simple review. It is a formal verification, where sports programs are tested and proven.
CertiK is already active in South Korea. In June, it signed an agreement with FLETA, the local Blockchain platform. The goal of the partnership is to strengthen the company's systems and help secure other elements of its ecosystem. CertiK also conducted an audit of Terra, and published a report on the stable currency on May 4.
Xangle is a Crypto Trading disclosure platform in Seoul. It provides summaries of the token basics and structure, including the official name, registered address, key persons, pricing and key features. He does it in Korean and English.

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