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Blockchain enters Commerzbank tests because of this machine

2019-08-08 12:16 pm | Resource: News Section | No Views : 46

Blockchain enters Commerzbank tests because of this machine Frankfurt Bank and Commerzbank Financial Services have tested Blockchain-based machine payments for the machine with trucks produced by the company behind the Mercedes-Benz and Daimler brand cars.
According to a Commerzbank press release published on Thursday, August 8, the bank tested the exchange and settlement of payments between an electronic charging point and Daimler truck system without any human intervention. To allow the transaction, the bank reportedly reported a euro symbol on the block chain platform used in the launch and provided funds to the automaker to process payments.
The aim of the system is to allow a new generation of machines to operate more independently. Stephan Muller, one of Commerzbank's board members, said that allowing machines to make mutual payments is the next logical step in increasing the efficiency of the supply chain.
He said:
“With securities transactions fully numbered in previous pilot projects, the focus is now shifting to bank-based payment structures, we see our mandate as creating new digital payment structures for our customers.”
According to Uller, Commerzbank's annual revenues are $ 10.2 billion and Daimler's $ 186.9 billion.
As we mentioned last July this year, in seemingly relevant news, Daimer is partnering with Riddle & Code, a company based on European Blockchain solutions to provide an open-car hardware portfolio solution.
Block chain is a digital notebook. This book can record any transaction on it, not just a financial transaction but any transaction on the globe. Blockchain is not tamper-proof or tamper-proof, and its database is distributed, allowing These data are easily verified, as they are of course decentralized, but are hosted by millions of computers simultaneously.
Blockchain has become one of the best projects that many companies and governments rely on, and research on it to make the most of it, Block chain is the principle of the emergence and emergence of cryptocurrencies that have become a major part of the current global economy, this technology has succeeded in documenting itself In many countries of the world while digital currencies are still unable to do so, and perhaps the coming days may be a happy news on the market in general in light of the current high prices, which began in April last year.

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