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Blockchain - New patent for Alibaba in Domain Name Management

2019-08-16 08:51 am | Resource: News Section | No Views : 88

Blockchain - New patent for Alibaba in Domain Name Management Alibaba, the online trading giant, continues its invention and study on emerging Blockchain technology by increasing the number of its patents in the field.
The Chinese online retail giant Alibaba has applied for a US patent entitled "Domain Name Management System for Cross-Interactions in Block Chain Systems".
Alibaba submitted its latest request on Thursday, August 15, continuing a request filed in November 2018. According to the filing, Alibaba intends to patent a system that uses what they call the “Unified Blockchain Domain Name” (UBCDN) to signify and exchange information.
In the system, Alibaba suggested using a computing system to create a UBCDN message that contains a block chain domain name and a string ID associated with that name.
Specifically, the file states that the UBCDN message contains "UBCDN for instance block chain, digital signature for UBCDN owner for UBCDN owner instance on UBCDN, and UBCDN domain certificate".
As also specified in the patent application, the UBCDN system aims to be used as a standardized method for managing domain names in cross-interactions across Block chain systems.
The patent referred to several cases where this technology could be useful, including to block chain managers.
Read application:
“Furthermore, UBCDN can include a readable human identifier or label, which helps users to save and easily access an instance of a block chain, thereby promoting the adoption or use of a block chain instance, for example, owners or operators of public chains or special block chains Or consortium groups choose Block chain domain names that match their names, which helps users remember the IDs of the instance of Block chain. "
The patent also cited the system as an improvement on interoperable Block chain technology networks, saying:
"Unlike existing cross-string applications such as COSMOS, which use a relay chain for cross-chain interactions, the ID of each Blockchain network is assigned in the relay chain network but the ID has only a local scope and cannot be reused in other relay chain networks, in a map The domain name described, UBCDN can be used and is universally recognizable by all instances of Block chain in the Unified Cluster Chain Network. "

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