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​Crypto reaps 80 per cent investment in Colombia

2019-08-16 11:55 am | Resource: News Section | No Views : 82

​Crypto reaps 80 per cent investment in Colombia A recent study revealed that 86.5% of Colombians are familiar with the Crypto market and 80% are open to investing in the asset class.
Paxful participated in the results of a new survey he conducted in collaboration with Toluna Insights, whose results appeared on Thursday, August 15.
The survey also revealed that at least 50% of respondents between the ages of 25 and 40 have already invested, or expressed interest in buying a digital currency such as Bitcoin at 79%, and Ethereum at less than 3%.
More than 32% of all respondents have already carried out transactions using Crypto.
Approximately 59% said that the adoption of Cryptocurrency will continue to grow. In analyzing the results, Paxful noted the following:
“The growing use of cryptocurrencies is likely to be associated with an ongoing generation of searches for options that not only allow them access to their financial assets 24/7, but also give them the freedom to conduct global online transactions in a simple way.”
Nearly 86% said they believe that regulation of the digital currency will be necessary in Colombia. Meanwhile, 91% of those surveyed agreed that the digital currency would affect the future of global trade.
Despite these amazing and positive results, fewer than 20% of respondents said they would currently use digital currency as a financial alternative.
In light of protracted political unrest in neighboring Venezuela, Colombia reported this summer an increase in immigration. Trading volume on LocalBitcoins in both countries has continued to see an upward trend in recent months.
A Spring 2019 survey has reportedly revealed that 11% of the US population owns Bitcoin, suggesting that Bitcoin ownership is a “major demographic trend” led by the younger generation in the 18-34 age group. However, 89% of US citizens have heard about digital currency in general, regardless of their generation.
A recent poll this summer - again focused on the United States - indicated that Crypto is three times more common among the American millennials as a long-term investment as it is for the 10th generation.

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