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​Bitcoin reaches a new record in hash rate

2019-08-20 09:56 am | Resource: News Section | No Views : 45

​Bitcoin reaches a new record in hash rate Bitcoin fragmentation rate (BTC) broke another new all-time high, according to monitoring data on Monday, August 19, breaking a new record.
The highest currency fragmentation rate continued to break previous records throughout the summer, reaching 82.5 TH / s.
The cryptographic hash rate - sometimes referred to as the power of fragmentation or computing - is a parameter that measures the number of calculations a given network can perform every second. High retail rates increase competition between mining to validate new blocks; it also increases the amount of resources needed to carry out an attack by 51%, making the network safer.
The new series of records released during the summer is a bullish sign, with analysts and traders alike supported by signs of network strength.
The other half of BTC - a 50% advance reduction in cutting bonuses for miners - is still some time away: May 2020.
While the event could have bullish implications for the price of the digital currency (by increasing its scarcity), its impact on mining is closely monitored, with some worried that low-mass rewards will deter network subscribers and negatively impact the outstanding network power.
This summer, Litecoin creator (LTC), Charlie Lee, who had expected a shock in the digital currency mining system by half, dipped his forecasts when the network fragmentation rate after the event turned out to be as strong as ever.
In a tweet published earlier this month, investor Bitcoin Max Keizer argued:
"The price follows the retail chart, and the retail chart continues in its upward market for 9 years."
In terms of price, the price of the largest digital currency in the world, at press time, on Tuesday, August 20, to the price of 10,672 dollars, a decline of 0.28% over the past 24 hours, but in terms of market value, BTC, reached 190 $ 8 billion.
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to make significant advances in price, having suffered for more than a year from a significant drop that has led to the loss of huge financial figures.

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