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Cryptocurrency - BitPay faces a new advertising nightmare

2019-09-11 10:28 am | Resource: News Section | No Views : 31

Cryptocurrency - BitPay faces a new advertising nightmare BitPay cryptocurrency payment processor faces another new advertising nightmare, amid allegations that it blocked donations from reaching Hong Kong for several weeks.
According to a social media complaint filed by Tom Grande on Wednesday, September 11, the founder of Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) for mass media, BitPay suddenly began to transfer money from donors.
HKFP has accepted Bitcoin support (BTC), since 2015. Since then, BitPay has processed payments under HK $ 15,000 ($ 1,900).
But over the past three weeks, the company has blocked access, as Grandi explained that the delay in the banking system of the traditional currency company was behind it. He added that the cryptocurrency company BitPay, remained silent towards requests for support and complaints.
He wrote on Twitter:
"Funds held for weeks simply use the Hong Kong banks Swift and not IBAN."
He continued:
"Never use BitPay, really the worst experience you can imagine - bad reputation, bad communication, terrible customer service, very high fees. Almost any alternative would be better."
As of press time, no official response from the company to Grandi's allegations has emerged.
Digital currency BitPay has seen a large record of multiple scandals, involving various aspects of its operations, including a freeze on payments, a failure to support major portfolios and an attempt to make customers use Bitcoin coins less often.
Last month, a Bitcoin donation to the Amazon rainforest worth $ 100,000 suffered a similar fate, Grandi said.
These practices have long upset digital currency supporters, who argue that the company is an unnecessary multiplication of many of the currencies on the market that operate without intermediaries and payment permissions.
As with previous angry customers, HKFP soon made offers for alternative processors such as open source BTCPay.
This unpleasant news comes in light of the rise in the prices of cryptocurrency, which began last April of this year, and continues to this day, which attracted many investments back to the market, but of course such news could affect the credibility of the entire market.

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