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​Bitcoin - 20 percent of the wealthy UK invest in the market

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​Bitcoin - 20 percent of the wealthy UK invest in the market London-based law firm Michelmores LLP surveyed thousands of wealthy people in the UK and found that 20% had invested in Bitcoin (BTC), and many other digital currency.
Of those born between 1981 and 1996 with investable assets of £ 25,000 ($ 31,000) or more, 20% have invested in the new asset class, the study by FXStreet revealed on Tuesday.
As FXStreet noted, this 20% figure is significantly higher than the national average of 3% - suggesting that thousands of years in the UK are about 7 times more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies than the general public.
Moreover, when it comes to thousands of assets worth over £ 75,000 ($ 93,000), the proportion of investors in cryptocurrencies jumps to 29%.
It is worth mentioning that 70% of respondents indicated that their investable wealth derives from salary and wages, while 40% said it was through investment returns.
This interest in investment opportunities has translated into a high level of fluency in online trading infrastructure: 35% of respondents said they are investing using online trading platforms, while 27% said they consulted social trading platforms and browsed or participated in online trading communities.
Michelmores' study reinforces research conducted earlier this year on the other side of Bankrate. The results of the Bankrate nationwide survey in July showed that cryptocurrencies are three times more common among US millennials as a better long-term investment option than the 10th generation.
Also in July, 26% of the Z generation in the United States - commonly known as those born after 1997 - said they would buy somewhat, to a large extent or most likely buy a cryptocurrency in the next six months.
In April, a survey in the industry revealed that 11% of the American population owns Bitcoin (BTC), and determining ownership of Bitcoin (BTC), is a "significant demographic trend" led by the younger generation in the 18-34 age group. However, 89% of US citizens have heard about digital currency, regardless of their generation.

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