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Pound jumps in conjunction with Johnson offer Brexit deal

2019-10-03 01:41 pm | Resource: News | No Views : 33

Pound jumps in conjunction with Johnson offer Brexit deal   
The pound jumped on Thursday as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson made his proposal for Brexit in parliament while EU officials confirmed the deal could still be difficult, but there were reports that the EU would be willing to give the UK another extension. However, Johnson said in Westminster that he would leave the UK from the EU on October 31 with or without a deal while Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn accused the prime minister of wanting the Trump Brexit deal.

Johnson says there will be no solid borders with Ireland

LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday his proposal for a Brexit deal did not include any new physical infrastructure being built on the border near or near the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. While answering MPs' questions,

he said he understood the concerns of people living on both sides of the border. Johnson also indicated that he intends to "protect and strengthen the Good Friday Agreement." He said his government had cut off the "additional tendency" to compromise Britain's exit from the EU.

Faradkar: The Irish parliament proposes a vote on the Brexit deal

Irish Prime Minister Leo Faradkar proposed on Thursday that his country's parliament also vote on the Brexit plan put forward by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday.

Faradkar reiterated that there should be no customs centers on the Irish border or any tariffs for trade between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. He was also unhappy with Johnson's proposal to give the Federal Democratic Party a veto in determining whether Northern Ireland would remain in the single European market for goods.

Faradkar noted that if Northern Ireland and Ireland are located in different customs areas, it is difficult to avoid tariffs and border inspections.
  • The British currency gained 2.33% last month, but remains down 6.01% compared with six months ago.

GBP Trades
  • The pound hit a daily high of 1.23875 against the dollar. It traded 0.53% in the green
  •  The Euro rose against the GBP to trade the EUR / GBP pair at 0.8860 levels.
  •  Against the Swiss franc sterling fell to 1.23838 levels.
  • The Japanese yen rose against the British currency to 132.41 levels. 

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