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Dollar price rises as US non-farm payrolls rise in October

2019-11-01 12:57 pm | Resource: News | No Views : 35

  Dollar price  rises as US non-farm payrolls rise in October
The US dollar rose against the major currencies after the release of the monthly US jobs report to assess the labor market situation. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday that US nonfarm employment rose by 128,000 in October, well above estimates. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate was little changed from the previous month at 3.6%.

US non-farm payrolls rose by 128,000 in October

This figure was supported by an increase of 48,000 jobs in food and drink places, followed by an increase in social assistance (20,000), financial activities (16,000), professional and commercial services (22,000) and health care (15,000). At the same time, job losses were recorded in manufacturing (36,000) and the federal government, where temporary workers were hired in the 2020 census.

The same report revealed a new record low of 5.4% for African Americans. Among other major labor groups, the unemployment rate was almost unchanged compared to September data.

Dow futures jump 100 points on positive US jobs data

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 100 points in the market before Friday, following a report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that showed far better results on non-farm payrolls in October. The Dow rose 0.39%, or 102 points, at 8:41 am ET, while the S&P 500 rose 0.43% at 8:42 am ET. The Nasdaq 100 rose 0.46% after one minute.

Major Currency Trades

• The euro fell 0.14% against the dollar to go at 1.11369 at 14:45 CET.
• The dollar fell to 0.9889 levels against the Swiss franc.
• The greenback was up against the yen by 0.13% to trade at 109.55 against the yen.
• Against the Yen, the pound rose 0.32% against the yen 139.973 yen.
• The British pound traded steadily compared to the US dollar to trade against 1.29428 at the same time.
• The British currency lost 0.17% against the euro to trade at 0.86032 euros.

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