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Commodity-linked currencies are up at the start of European trading

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The Australian Dollar is rising against the majors

The Australian dollar rose to a 5-day high of 0.7221 against the US dollar and a 11-day high of 0.9404 against the Canadian dollar from early lows of 0.7144 and 0.9332 respectively. Against the yen, the euro and the kiwi, the Australian dollar was near a 3-week high of 81.02, a 5-day high of 1.6209 and a 4-day high of 1.0937, from a 5-day low of 79.78, or 6 days. At 1.6333 and the weekly low at 1.0878, respectively.
Resistance levels against the AUD are at 0.74 against the US dollar, 0.96 against the Canadian dollar, 82.00 against the yen, 1.60 against the euro and 1.11 against the kiwi.

Australian house prices fall 0.7% in second quarter

On the other hand, data showed that house prices in Australia fell by 0.7 percent from a quarter in the second quarter of 2018, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said on Tuesday - in line with expectations and unchanged from the previous three months.

The real estate price index fell in the capital Sydney (-1.2 percent), Melbourne (-0.8 percent), Perth (-0.1 percent), Darwin (-0.9 percent), Brisbane (+ 0.7 percent) and Hobart ), Adelaide (+ 0.3 per cent) and Canberra (+ 0.6 per cent).

On a year-on-year basis, house prices fell 0.6 percent versus expectations of a 0.7 percent loss after a 2.0 percent rise in the first quarter.

Residential real estate prices fell annually in Darwin (-6.1%), Sydney (-3.9%), Perth (-0.9%), Hobart (+ 15.5%), Canberra (+ 3%) and Melbourne (+ 2.3%). ), Adelaide (+2.1 percent) and Brisbane (+1.7 percent).

Total residential housing in Australia totaled A $ 6938.538 million at the end of the first quarter of 2018, down A $ 13321.1 million in the quarter.

The New Zealand dollar advanced against most currencies

The New Zealand dollar advanced against major currencies at the start of the European session on Tuesday.

The kiwi rose near a two-week high of 0.6608 against the US dollar near a 3-week high of 74.13 against the yen, reversing from its previous lows of 0.6562 and 73.28 respectively. Against the euro, the New Zealand dollar hit a 5-day high of 1.7709, rebounding from a 4-day low of 1.7782.
If the kiwi gains more, resistance may find 0.67 against the US dollar, 75.00 against the yen and 1.75 against the euro.

The Canadian Dollar strengthens against most currencies

The Canadian dollar rose against most of its main rivals at the start of the European session on Tuesday.

The Canadian dollar hit a 4-day high of 86.20 against the yen from a 6-day low of 85.48 while the Canadian dollar rebounded to 1.3022 against the US dollar, from a 6-day low of 1.3065 after falling to a weekly low of 1.5261 against the Euro At 2:15 am ET, the Canadian Dollar reversed its trend and rose to 1.5220.
The Canadian dollar is looking at resistance around 88.5 against the yen, 1.28 against the dollar and 1.51 against the euro.

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