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Commodities news

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Commodities news

Gold prices continue to rise for the third day in a row

02:53 pm 2018-02-15

Gold futures rose at the end of European trade, amid the decline of the US dollar index, where prices rose during trading Thursday by 0.4% to reach levels of 1352 dollars an ounce, has opened gold trading today at levels of 1349.85 dollars, the highest level of 1357.10 dollars, and Low of $ 1349.74. Gold ended yesterday's gains at 1.6%, the third daily gain in a row, and the biggest percentage gain since May 17, as the US dollar accelerated against most of the currencies after the dollar…More

Oil prices maintain gains during European trade

10:13 am 2018-02-15

Oil prices are rising strongly on Thursday, according to statements by the Saudi oil minister on the commitment to reduce production throughout the year, and restrain gains and the rise in oil production in the United States to a record high, where US crude rose by 0.55% to reach levels (Brent) rose 0.45% to reach $ 64.50 a barrel, despite the announcement by the Energy Information Administration on Monday that US oil inventories rose by 1.8 million barrels to 422.1 million barrels during the week Which ends on February 9 ,…More

Oil prices are near the gains of 3 percent during Wednesdays trading

08:08 pm 2018-02-14

Oil prices rose sharply on Wednesday, despite the rise in US oil inventories, where US crude rose by 2.72% to reach levels of 60.80 dollars per barrel, and Brent crude prices rose by 2.85% to reach levels of 64 To $ 50 a barrel. The gains came despite the announcement by the Energy Information Administration that US oil inventories rose by 1.8 million barrels to 422.1 million barrels during the week ending Feb. 9, compared to expectations of a rise of 2.8 million barrels. The data is lower…More

Gold recorded its highest level in a week

06:48 pm 2018-02-14

Gold prices rose sharply during the US trade, with gold prices rose by 1.92% to reach levels of 1356 dollars an ounce, after the decline of the dollar index after the release of US inflation data, reaching gold to a high level in a week, achieving gains for the day The third consecutive session, rebounding from the lowest level since January 10, 2018, the dollar index fell after the announcement of inflation data by 0.73% to reach 88.96 levels. The Commerce Department said retail sales fell…More

Oil prices are mixed in performance and outlook on the data of the American Petroleum Institute

11:39 am 2018-02-13

Oil prices are mixed in performance and attention on the data of the American Petroleum Institute estimates of US oil stocks on Tuesday, where oil prices were showing during European trade Tuesday, where the US crude fell marginally by 0.05% to reach levels of 59.26 dollars per barrel , While Brent crude lost a slight rise of 0.245 to reach 62.37 dollars a barrel. US crude started trading today at 59.35, recording a high of 59.72 and a low of 58.93 dollars. Oil ended yesterday's trading…More

Gold prices continue to rise for the second day in a row

11:18 am 2018-02-13

Gold futures continue to rise for the second day in a row, affected by the decline of the dollar index and the decline in risk appetite globally, where gold prices rose during Tuesday's trading during European trading, recording gains of 0.40% to reach levels of $ 1,331 per ounce , Reaching its highest level in 5 days, after opening the day at $ 1322.33, recorded the highest level of 1329.90, and the lowest level at 1321.58. Gold ended yesterday's trading up by 0.5%, recovering from a five-week low…More

Oil prices are up sharply on Monday

09:41 am 2018-02-12

Oil futures are rebounding early in the week, with Brent crude rising during European trade, recording a gain of 2.33% to reach $ 64.23 a barrel, also rose US crude by 2.42% to reach levels of 60.62 After the worst weekly drop in two years, pushing prices to a seven-week low. US crude opened at $ 59.12, hit a high of $ 60.65 and a low of $ 59.08. Per barrel. That oil markets are still facing an increase in oil production in the United States, which…More

Oil prices continue to fall to its lowest level in five weeks

12:43 pm 2018-02-09

Oil futures are continuing to decline in Friday's mid-European session as Brent crude fell 0.86% to reach $ 64.25 a barrel. US crude fell 1.26% to reach $ 60.40. Compared with the opening levels at 60.44, the highest at 60.65 and the lowest at 60.34. Brent crude was the most active at 64.22, the highest at 64.46 and the lowest at 64.15. US crude oil futures ended yesterday's session down 2.1%, the second consecutive daily loss, recording a five-week low of $ 60.26 a barrel. Brent fell…More

Gold prices on its way to record the second weekly loss

10:26 am 2018-02-09

Gold futures recorded a decline during the middle of European trading, and the dollar index continues to rise, where gold prices rose during Friday's trading, recording a loss of 0.07% to reach levels of $ 1,318 per ounce, after opening prices today at 1318.17, and recorded The highest level at 1322.67, and the lowest level at 1313.55, approaching again from the lowest level in five weeks recorded earlier in yesterday's trading, and about to incur the second weekly loss in a row. The gold futures ended yesterday's…More

Gold is experiencing marginal gains and silver is on its way and copper continues to fall

08:35 pm 2018-02-08

Gold prices have seen some rebounds during US trade, but remain close to opening levels and near its lowest level in a month. Gold prices rose marginally during the US session recording gains of 0.42% to reach $ 1320 an ounce. After reaching a daily low of $ 1306 and a high of $ 1322, and is currently near the opening levels at $ 1317. The gains came after the US dollar index, having hit its highest level since January 23, recorded a loss of 0.05% at…More

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