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Commodities news

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Commodities news

Gold futures continue to rise up to the highest level in two weeks

12:38 pm 2017-12-22

Gold futures continue to rise to a two-week high. The yellow metal opened Friday at $ 1265 during Asian trade, continuing to reach $ 1269 in mid-European trading, gaining 1.60 points. The gains came after the decline in the US dollar index, which measures the performance of the dollar against a basket of currencies. Where the dollar index is trading near a three-week low of 92.74 points, reflecting the continued weak performance of the US currency against a basket of global currencies, which is in favor of…More

Oil futures are down on news of higher US crude production

12:09 pm 2017-12-22

Oil futures are down on news of a rise in US crude output and a return to the North Sea pipeline in the UK. Brent crude opened at $ 64.07 a barrel in Asian trading today, with marginal gains reaching $ 64.46. To close at $ 64.15, or 0.33%. US crude fell 0.41% to trade at midday at $ 58.12 a barrel. US crude oil finished 0.3% higher in the third daily gain, with Brent rising 0.4%, and the highest closing level in two and a half…More

Gold falls after the approval of the US tax reform law

02:22 pm 2017-12-21

Gold futures are trading at a record low of $ 1.5 trillion. The US House of Representatives approved a bill on Wednesday, Tax reform in the country, which includes the biggest 30-year reform of the US tax law, and sent the $ 1.5 trillion bill to President Donald Trump for his signature. Gold opened the day at $ 1265 per ounce, reaching a high of $ 1268 and a low of $ 1264. The Dollar Index fell 0.1%, extending its losses for the fifth day in a…More

Oil falls in European trade

01:25 pm 2017-12-21

Oil futures settled during European trade on Thursday, where Brent opened the day at $ 63.90 a barrel, to rise during the Asian and European trading, to reach levels of $ 64.22, achieving daily marginal declines of 0.19%, as well as retreat US crude fell 0.14% to hit $ 57.97 a barrel in mid-European trade. US crude oil finished up 0.6% in the second daily gain in a row, and Brent crude rose 1.1%, the third daily gain, respectively, with the interruption of supply of Fortis crude…More

Oil rises following the decline in US oil inventories report

06:04 pm 2017-12-20

Oil futures are up after the US Energy Information Administration report, which pointed to a sharp and unexpected drop in US oil inventories in the week ended December 15, with a decline of 6.5 million barrels per day compared to the previous reading, which reached 5.1 million Barrels per day. Analysts had expected the deficit to reach 3.6 million barrels, bringing inventories down to 436.5 million barrels, making inventories within the average range for this time of year. Oil futures rose after the release of the data, with Brent…More

Gold continues to rise to its highest level in 3 weeks

12:33 pm 2017-12-20

Gold continues to rise to its highest level in 3 weeks, as the US dollar index fell after Congress passed the tax reform law, which led to the buying of securities from companies' stocks, expecting higher corporate results due to tax cuts. According to the Tax Reform Act, the dollar index, which measures the performance of the greenback versus its basket of major currencies, fell slightly by 1% to trade at 93.14. Gold futures recorded gains of 0.35% to reach $ 1266.35 per ounce in mid-European trading.…More

Oil holds yesterdays gains and attention to US crude inventories today

11:48 am 2017-12-20

Oil futures are stabilizing near their highest levels in a week, following the decline in US oil inventories, as well as the continuation of the moratorium on the northern pipeline in the United Kingdom, where the American Petroleum Institute announced the fall of oil stocks in the United States 5.2 million barrels during the week ending in 15 From December to the lowest level in two years, while analysts had forecast a 3.5 million barrel decline, and official data will be released today by the US Energy Information Administration.…More

Oil continues to rise and attention to US inventory data

12:07 pm 2017-12-19

Oil continues to rise and Brent settles above $ 63 a barrel amid a drop in global supplies following the closure of the northern pipeline in the UK. Investors are awaiting US oil inventories data, which is due to be announced this evening by the Petroleum Management Institute. Data from the US Energy Information Administration, which will be released tomorrow on stocks that are expected to fall during the past week. Where Brent crude rose during the Asian trade, where it opened today trading at 62.80 dollars…More

Gold continues to rise up to the highest level in two weeks

11:43 am 2017-12-19

Gold futures contract higher in European trading, gold reaches a two-week high; the yellow metal continued to rise during Asian trade as the US dollar index, due to investors' anticipation of the US tax reform law, led investors to turn to gold as a haven Gold opened the day at $ 1260 per ounce, rising at the opening of European trade, reaching $ 1265, gaining daily gains of 0.09%. Gold prices ended yesterday's trading up 0.5%, the second daily gain in a row, as the US…More

Gold futures rise in trading amid falling dollar index

03:17 pm 2017-12-18

Gold futures are up on Monday as the dollar index fell on concerns that the US tax reform bill failed to pass. "If it all collapses in the last minute, it will be a huge boost to gold," said Carsten Minke, an analyst at Julius Baer in Zurich. , And I think that is unlikely. "He added that if the tax law was passed, gold might drop slightly but that scenario was put into account pricing in the market. During the European session, gold saw a…More

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