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Commodities news

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Commodities news

Oil rises amid investors awaited OPEC meeting the end of November

06:26 pm 2017-11-21

Oil futures are rising, investors are looking to the OPEC meeting at the end of this month in Vienna, where OPEC member states are expected to reach a decision on extending the cut-off agreement beyond March 2018. The markets are closely watching the Vienna meeting, as the global oil supply, coupled with expectations of a drop in global demand for oil, next year raise fears of oil-producing countries, rebalancing the oil markets, balancing supply and global medicine on oil to keep oil prices fair. . Brent…More

Gold futures are down after hitting their highest level in 5 weeks

04:23 pm 2017-11-20

Gold futures are down after hitting a five week high of $ 1296 as gold futures ended last week's weekly gains, closing at a five week high. The gains came as investors worried about the blurring of US President Donald Trump's tax bill on congressional approval and when it would start, prompting investors to turn gold precious metal as a haven after risk appetite eased. Gold started its trading session lower today, as part of a profit-taking wave to reach $ 1284 per ounce,…More

Oil futures drop after US oil inventories rise

04:25 pm 2017-11-15

Oil futures are down after a report by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) that US oil inventories rose last week, ending Nov. 10. The report showed that US oil inventories rose by 1.9 million barrels, bringing the total US oil inventories to 459 million barrels. Analysts had expected inventories to fall by 1 million barrels last week. Oil futures dropped following the release of the data, with Brent crude falling 0.76% to reach $ 61.72 a barrel, and West Texas crude falling 0.75% to…More

Oil falls after an IEA report on expectations of falling demand next year

12:13 pm 2017-11-14

Oil prices fell to a one-week low, oil futures tumbled Tuesday to a one-week low, following a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on reducing demand for oil in 2018. Impact negatively on oil prices globally. The surplus in world oil supply is expected to fall in the first quarter of next year by 0.6 million barrels per day, in addition to a 0.2 million bpd decline in the second quarter, the report said. Brent crude fell after the release of the report…More

Will we see further high oil prices next year?

09:01 am 2017-11-13

Will oil see further gains in the coming year? To answer these questions, we must consider the reasons for the rise in oil prices during the current year. The year 2017 reached the highest oil prices since July 2015. With Brent rising to $ 63.55 a barrel, recording gains of 70% this year since 2016. West Texas GAS rose to $ 57.80 a barrel, gaining 54% since mid-2015. The reasons for the rise in oil prices during the current year are for many reasons,…More

​Gold futures are up to a three week high due to geopolitical tensions

08:13 pm 2017-11-09

Gold futures are up to a three-week high due to geopolitical tensions and the weakness of the US dollar. Gold rose today from $ 1279 / troy to $ 1288 before the US session ended. The gains came after the US dollar fell on news that a major US draft of Donald Trump may be delayed until next year, which has disappointed US business owners, putting pressure on the US dollar and driving investors to buy gold as a haven. Gold rose by 0.33%,…More

Gold futures rallied on concerns that the Trump tax law would be postponed

07:44 pm 2017-11-08

Gold futures rose on Wednesday amid renewed concerns that Trump's tax law plan would be delayed until next year. Gold rose quickly after the news, rising from $ 1275 an ounce to $ 1287, hitting a three-week high, with a daily gain of 0.55% or adding $ 7 to today's gains. Silver also rose, with precious metals at the moment attractive, adding 19 cents to $ 17.13 per ounce, or 0.62 percent.More

Crude oil futures were slightly lower on Wednesday

06:30 pm 2017-11-08

Crude oil futures were slightly lower on Wednesday after data from the US Energy Information Administration showed a rise in US crude inventories this week. Where oil inventories rose by 2.2 million barrels, and analysts had forecast that inventories will fall by 2.7 million barrels this week. Oil futures were lower after the data, dropping from $ 63.70 to $ 62.80 a barrel, recording a loss of 0.77%. West Texas crude also fell 1.01% to $ 56.60, recording a loss of 0.50…More

Crude futures fall from its highest level in two and a half years

08:01 am 2017-11-08

Oil futures are falling on Wednesday, amid speculation that global demand for oil will drop and supply will rise at the beginning of next year as OPEC has announced its expectations for global oil demand, which is likely to fall as a result of global growth. It is worth mentioning that the OPEC member states have indicated that there are discussions with non-member countries on the extension of the agreement to cut production during the next year, and is supposed to end the agreement to cut production…More

Gold futures fall at the end of trading this week, affected by the stronger US dollar

08:07 pm 2017-11-03

Gold futures are down at the end of this week, affected by the rise of the US dollar, where gold futures fell during Friday's trading, to achieve a loss of 0.56% to reach levels of 1270 dollars per ounce. Silver futures also fell, affected by the precious metal's decline, with a sharp loss of 1.66% to reach $ 16.85. Similarly, copper futures declined, due to the announcement of an increase in copper stocks in China, to fall 0.55% to close at Levels of 6895 dollars.More

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