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Forex news

Dollar stabilizes as euro fell under political pressure due to Brexit

01:13 pm 2019-08-20

 The yen and the Swiss franc rose against the dollar on Tuesday, while the dollar was little changed in European trading but began to build momentum against the euro despite fears over rising trade tensions between the United States and China. European Commission: Ireland's arrangement is the only way to avoid border barriers The European Commission said that the arrangement for Ireland is the only way reached by the European Union and London…More

Pound is falling against the major currencies due to Brexit pressure

01:05 pm 2019-08-19

Sterling fell against major currencies under pressure from exit reports amid several statements from the European Union, British Prime Minister Johnson and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. EU: UK is the biggest loser in Brexit  The United Kingdom will be the biggest loser if it leaves the European Union without an agreement, European Commission spokeswoman Natasha Bertude said on Monday. Speaking to reporters in Brussels, Bertude said: "The EU is ready for…More

US dollar traded higher with the erosion of growing trade war fears

01:13 pm 2019-08-16

The US dollar edged higher against most of its major counterparts in European trade on Friday, as Treasury yields fell from historic lows yesterday after strong US retail sales data for July helped ease fears of a possible recession. Navarro: The United States and China are talking White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said on Friday that Washington and Beijing were in "negotiations" at the moment. In an interview with CNN, Navarro added that…More

Dollar's decline and bonds shattered historical returns

01:13 pm 2019-08-15

The dollar traded lower as China on Thursday brushed aside US President Donald Trump's proposal for a personal meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.Atlantic shares resumed their decline after the worst day on Wall Street this year and investors fled to sovereign debt Dean. Bonds continue to rise Stocks issued by governments in London, Berlin and Washington continued to rise in a buying spate aimed at protecting value and sending yields on bonds maturing in twenty…More

Euro rises as European shares fall after weak German data

12:50 pm 2019-08-14

The euro rose as Germany's DAX and France's CAC 40 fell more than 1% on Wednesday after data showed weak economic sentiment in Germany as the country's GDP shrank in July. Meanwhile, industrial production in the euro zone declined in June, according to the Euro Stat, while in the US the yield curve for the two-year and 10-year bonds reversed. The DAX fell 1.42% at 12:16 CET. The CAC 40 was 1.28% in the red at 12:16 pm…More

British pound falls to its lowest level since January 2017

12:42 pm 2019-08-09

The British pound fell on Friday to levels last seen on January 20, 2017, reaching a daily low of 1.120796 compared to the dollar. The move came after economic data from the UK showed that the country's GDP fell 0.2% in the second quarter and industrial production fell 1.4% in the same period of three months. Investors are still concerned about the prospect of Brexit on October 31, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government insists on handing…More

Dollar stabilizes amid anticipation of trade war developments

02:47 pm 2019-08-08

Dollar remained stable against a basket of currencies on Thursday, as strong Chinese export figures and Beijing's move to curb the devaluation of the yuan calmed investors' nerves as a renewed escalation in the US-China trade war. "Trade dispute" between the United States and China escalated into a "trade war" - economists Most economists surveyed by the Wall Street Journal in the first week of August prefer to classify the US-China trade dispute as a "trade war" as…More

Dollar fell and China denies accusations of currency manipulation

12:18 pm 2019-08-07

The dollar traded lower against major currencies as investors awaited the development of trade tensions after China denied accusations by the United States that it was manipulating the value of its domestic currency. China: Naming the currency manipulator is unfounded China firmly believes that the United States has no justification for describing China as a currency manipulator, as the United States has accused China of manipulating its currency, White House National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow…More

Dollar rose amid escalating escalation in the trade war

04:17 pm 2019-08-06

The Dollar rallied against its major counterparts on Tuesday as traders followed the escalating steps and reactions to US-China trade tensions. Bullard of the Fed sees another cut in interest rates this year James Bollard, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, told AFP on Tuesday. The US central bank will monitor the impact of trade war with China among other issues in monetary policy deliberations, but it can not "realistically move" its position…More

Dollar heading for a 2-week low against the euro after Trump comments

03:03 pm 2019-08-05

The single currency rose in the euro zone on Monday, reaching its highest level against the dollar since July 23. It also rose against the pound to a 11-month high. Trade tensions intensified earlier in the day as US President Donald Trump called on China to cut its currency, the yuan, which fell to its lowest level in more than 11 years. Private sector growth in the US declined for July More

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