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Forex news

The euro fell against major currencies after gross domestic product data

10:58 am 2019-03-07

 The euro rose against the euro and the pound as it weighed against the rest of the major currencies during European trading ahead of the ECB's rate decision and after euro zone GDP data. Higher gross domestic product in the eurozone during the fourth quarter of 2018 The euro zone's gross domestic product (GDP) rose in the fourth quarter of 2018 by 0.2 percent from the previous quarter, according to final estimates issued by Eurostat on Thursday. For the European Union as a whole,…More

The dollar is trading near a two-week high

09:53 am 2019-03-06

 The US dollar stabilized near a two-week high against its major counterparts in early European hours on Wednesday, as strong US economic data supported the dollar after Tuesday's reports showed a rebound in housing and services, easing fears of a slowdown in the world's largest economy. . US Futures Contracts US stocks fell on Wednesday as investors continued to monitor the process of trade negotiations between Washington and Beijing. Investment incentives were generally low amid uncertainty about the deal as market watchers continued to…More

Dollar rises amid continuing dispute over state of emergency

08:48 am 2019-03-05

  The dollar rose in morning trade on Tuesday amid anticipation of a state of emergency and a dispute between the House of Representatives and Trump over its continuation Pelosi vows to fight Vito Trump House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned President Donald Trump that Democrats would stand against him if he vetoed the declaration against national emergencies. The measure, already adopted by the House of Representatives and likely to pass through the Senate, would prevent Trump's national case, announced last month. "We will…More

The dollar performance against the currencies was mixed amid reports of a close trade agreement

08:26 am 2019-03-04

  The dollar was mixed against major currencies after a possible trade deal between the United States and China raised the Chinese yuan early Monday in Asia ahead of the annual meeting of China at the National People's Congress in Beijing on Tuesday. The United States and China are close to the trade deal China and the United States are about to reach a trade deal after months of negotiations, the Wall Street Journal reported. Beijing is ready to cut protection measures on agricultural and chemical…More

Euro rises after inflation data and European unemployment

11:46 am 2019-03-01

 The euro traded higher against the major currencies during the European session after a number of data from the euro, the most important of which was German retail sales, the European manufacturing index and euro zone inflation in February, while basic price growth declined. According to data from Eurostat on Friday. Unemployment in the euro area was 7.8% in January The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the euro area was 7.8 percent in January, 0.1 percent lower than the previous month and down from…More

The dollar performance against the currencies at the end of weekly trading

08:49 am 2019-03-01

 The Dollar is falling against other major currencies in early European trade on Friday, after an optimistic reading that the US economy grew 2.6% annually in the fourth quarter - and more than 3% for the whole year for the first time since 2005 - paid 10-year Treasury yields The highest in three weeks, supporting demand against the dollar. POWELL: The Fed will be patient with price changes In other remarks, US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell reiterated that the US economy was "in a…More

The dollar is mixed against the currencies after the end of the Trump and Kim Summit

08:40 am 2019-02-28

 The dollar's performance against major currencies continued to fluctuate on Thursday amid uncertainty over the change in the summit schedule between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Young-on. The White House announced that the two sides had not reached an agreement. From Powell's testimony to Congress Powell's testimony before Congress US policymakers can make "limited" sales of mortgage-backed securities from the Fed portfolio, but no decision has been made, US Central Bank chief Jerome Powell told lawmakers on Wednesday. He stressed…More

Dollar is trading against the major currencies after Powell testimony

08:37 am 2019-02-27

 The dollar rose against major currencies on Wednesday, a day after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's half-yearly testimony to Congress. Powell: Federal government on unsustainable financial path US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said on Tuesday that the federal government in the United States is "on an unsustainable financial path" as debt to GDP continues to increase. During his testimony before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, Powell noted that the ways to reduce the debt level were not the Fed's…More

Dollar was mixed against major currencies after reports of continued trade talks

11:06 am 2019-02-26

  Dollar is trading mixed as markets in the US recorded a decline in the red zone during pre-sale trading on Wall Street on Tuesday as investors sought evidence of the outcome of trade negotiations between the world's two largest economies.  Earlier media reports said part of the Chinese delegation was staying in Washington to continue trade negotiations between the United States and China at the expert level. Trade talks continue between the United States and China at the expert level A part of…More

British pound is jumping against major currencies after reports of an exit delay

08:28 am 2019-02-26

Sterling traded at a three-month high on Tuesday against the Swiss franc and the Japanese yen, with a record high of 1.3162 and 0.86268 per euro. The British currency continued to rise after speculation in the media yesterday that Prime Minister Teresa May could be under pressure from within her conservative party and support the delay in the date of Britain's exit. Its negotiators may fail to reach an agreement in time with the European Union that can be accepted by parliament. The Sun and…More

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