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Forex news

Britain's unemployment rate drops

01:08 pm 2017-07-12

The British economy was released at 08:30 GMT, falling 4.5% in June, the lowest level since late 2005, lower than the previous reading and expectations of 4.6%. Although generally considered a lagging indicator, The number of unemployed is an important sign on overall economic health because consumer spending is closely related to labor market conditions, so this statement is positive for the British economyMore

Claimant Count Change falls of expectations

01:05 pm 2017-07-12

The British economy released at 08:30 GMT a change in the monthly demand for the month of Junean falling by 6.0 thousand, the fourth consecutive monthly rise, better than the expectations of a rise of about 10.5 thousand, the previous reading rose by about 7.5 thousand, This statement is positive for the GBPMore

The average wage in Britain has fallen as expected

12:55 pm 2017-07-12

The British economy was released at 8:30 GMT with a three-month pay-off in May, 1.8% as expected, but lower than the previous reading of 2.1% in April. This is the closest reading for the mid-2014 period, Key to consumer inflation - When companies pay more for work, the higher costs are usually transferred to the consumer. It measures the change in corporate prices and the government's payment of labor, including bonusesMore

Canadian Dollar Rise Before Canadian Central Bank Report

07:56 am 2017-07-12

Investors are watching the CBK report on monetary policy and interest rates for the Bank of Canada, which analysts expect to rise to 0.75%, knowing that the current interest rate is 0.50% as the global economy awaits Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Janet Yellin's testimony to the US Congress in Washington. At 7:12 GMT, the greenback was down against the Canadian dollar by 0.07% to hit 1.2906More

market changes

07:49 am 2017-07-12

In European markets, Stokes Europe 600 fell 0.39% to 3,464.47 points The British FTSE 100 was down 0.55% to 7,329.76,  The German DAX index was down 0.07% to 12,437.02 , And France's CAC fell 0.48% to 5,140.60 points In US markets, the Dow Jones index was steady at zero to 21,409.07 The S & P 500 index shed 0.08% to 2,425.53 The Nasdaq rose 0.27% to 6,193.31 Gold futures for August delivery rose 0.40% to $ 1,219.60 an ounce Oil futures rose by 1.89% to $…More

pound rises

02:06 pm 2017-07-11

The British pound rose on the European market, recovering from a two-week low against the US dollar amid investors' assessment of the Bank of England's interest rate hike in the second half of the year. Investors are waiting for comments from some bank members about the future of monetary policy, Inflationary pressures The British pound jumped late in June above the $ 1.30 barrier for the first time in five weeks after the central bank governor said interest rates may need to rise soon to counter rising inflationary pressures. At 12: 16 GMT, the British Pound was…More

The Italian manufacturing index rise

11:21 am 2017-07-11

The Italian manufacturing index released in May, which showed a rise of 0.07% compared to a decline in the previous reading by -0.05% for the month of April, thus the current reading is better than expectations that indicated progress by 0.5% and the industrial production index A key indicator of economic health is the rapid reaction of production with the ups and downs of the business cycle and is associated with consumer conditions such as employment and profit levels. It measures the percentage change in the total value adjusted for output produced by manufacturers, mines and utilities. The next…More

market changes

06:28 am 2017-07-11

In Europe, Stokes Europe 600 rose 0.41% to 3,478.06 The British FTSE 100 was up 0.25% to 7,370.02,  German DAX rose 46% to 12,446.92 , And French CAC rose 0.40% to 5,165.64 points In US markets, the Dow Jones lost 0.04% to 21,408.69 The S & P 500 index gained 0.09% to 2,427.43 The Nasdaq rose 0.38% to 6,176.40 , Gold futures for August delivery fell 0.21% to $ 1,210.70 an ounce In the oil markets, futures contracts for August delivery rose 2017, the US Nymex…More

Sentix Investor Confidence in Europe is better than expected

11:31 am 2017-07-10

The European Union (EU) reported that the index of investor confidence rose to 28.3 for the month of June. The result was better than the expectations of 28.1, but worse than last month, which was 28.4   The Investor Confidence Index, published by Sentix GmbH Ltd., examines investors' confidence in the eurozone economy. The positive reading of the index is positive for the euro exchange rate while the decline in reading is negative. The index is valued by surveying about 2,800 investors and analysts who are participants asked to assess the relative economic forecast for 6 months for the…More

Brief Market News

06:27 am 2017-07-10

The Dow Jones industrial average rose 0.44% to 21,414.34 points, and the Nasdaq rose 1.04% to 6,153.08, 0.64% to 2425.18. The S & P 500 In Europe, Stoxx Europe 600 rose 0.05% to 3,463.92, the British FTSE 100 was up 0.19% to 7,350.94 points, and the German DAX rose 0.06% to 12,388.68 points. French CAC fell 0.14% to 5,154.16 points.   On the other hand, gold futures for August delivery rose by 0.07% to $ 1,210.50 an ounce, In the oil markets, futures contracts for August delivery rose 2017, the US Nymex fell…More

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