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Forex news

commodities Fundamental analysis aaab

09:21 am 2017-08-13

the oil today is rising based on the fall of the US reserve of oil and Venezuela penalties ,and the gold is consolidating,  and we expect it to maintain its uptrend. the fundamental analysis of the gold. the gold has declined from its levels in the Friday trading session, and we expect the gold to maintain its bullish trend, because of the weak US which dampens the possibility of another federal reserve rate hike  data, besides the tension in North Korea ,all this fundamentals  are pushing the price of the yellow metal up. More

EUR/USD Forecast What After 1.18?

12:08 pm 2017-07-30

Expectations over the past period indicate that the EUR / USD is targeting the 1.18 level and has already taken place and the pair is close to the level already expected last week. Over the past two weeks, each central bank has shown its intentions in the coming period. Currently, the dollar has affected several political and economic factors during the past period. The political factors are due to the inability of Trump to implement the health project promised during the elections. The main factors are: 1- The level of US inflation has been fluctuating since last March, which…More

Impact of Economic Agenda Data on the prices of 27 July 2017

11:55 pm 2017-07-27

On Thursday, 27 July 2017, many economic data were released, but between the events of low importance and medium data, we did not see any economic data with a high impact on the economic agenda. And because there are no high-impact economic events on the economic agenda, we will be talking about data of medium importance to America and Europe. United States data on the economic agenda: Initial Jobless Claims (July 21), with an actual 244K, 241K expected, the previous report 234K, a negative result on the US economy.…More

British trade distribution at the best level of last April

10:53 am 2017-07-27

The British economy released its trade distribution index, which showed more than expected growth as the trade distribution index rose to 22% from 12% in the previous month. Market expectations have predicted that the index will be at 10%, a major indicator of consumer spending because retail sales and wholesalers Directly affected by consumer purchasing levels.  More

European money supply records the same levels as the previous month

10:48 am 2017-07-27

The European Central Bank (ECB) said that the growth rate of credit granted to the private sector stabilized at 5% in June, recording the same figure in May and in line with analysts' expectations. Loans to households in the euro zone also stabilized at 2.6 percent, steady at the same level last month but slightly below analysts' forecasts of 2.7 percent.More

US interest without changing the repercussions and ambitions in a stronger economy

09:33 am 2017-07-27

The Federal Reserve will keep interest rates unchanged at 1.25 percent, as expected, and he is on track to continue the slow track of monetary tightening. In a statement after a two-day policy meeting, the US Central Bank Price Committee noted that the economy is growing moderately Job gains were strong and the Federal Reserve said, "The committee expects to start implementing its program of normalizing the balance sheet relatively soon," adding that it would follow a specific plan in June to reduce its holdings of US Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities.  US stocks following the release of the policy…More

Unemployment fell slightly in the second quarter in Spain

07:31 am 2017-07-27

The Spanish economy for the second quarter released a drop in the unemployment rate to 17.2% compared to 18.8% in the previous quarter, which is relatively better than expectations of a decrease of 17.8%. Unemployment is a sign that the economy is recovering. High compared to Germany or France, the most important EU countriesMore

Economists do not expect a Fed rate hike

12:53 pm 2017-07-26

 Economists do not expect to raise interest rates at the two-day meeting, which ends at 2 pm. On Wednesday in Washington. Policymakers may update their language on inflation, because the weakness in price data has continued since their meeting in June, but these changes should be minor. There is no press conference scheduled after this meeting. Inflation figures for the fourth month in a row showed weakness since June, the Fed's inflation line, and the FOMC Committee is likely to reiterate that it is closely following developments on inflation Investors see no chance of…More

Investors are waiting for the Federal monetary policy decision

09:43 am 2017-07-26

The dollar stabilized as investors awaited the Federal Reserve's monetary policy decision, and the Fed will conclude its two-day meeting later today, widely expected to keep interest rates unchanged, with the rate hike not in the picture this time, will be Focus on the Fed statement, with markets looking for signs when the central bank will begin rounding up huge bond holdings and next raise rates. It is expected to release its statement at 18:00 GMT Traders saw the opportunity to raise the federal interest rate in September by about 8% and the possibility of a 48% rate hike…More

Brief Market News

08:01 am 2017-07-26

In European markets, Europe Stokes 50 rose 0.59% to 3,473.51 ,The British FTSE 100 rose 0.77% to 7,434.51, The German DAX rose 0.54% to 12,264.31. The French CAC rose 0.65% to 5,161.08 In US markets, the Dow Jones rose 0.47% to 21,613.43 ,The S & P 500 index gained 0.29% to 2,477.13 ,The Nasdaq rose 0.02% to 6,312.17 , Gold futures for August delivery fell 0.63% to $ 1,250.60 an ounce Oil futures rose by 0.48% to $ 48.37 a barrel, while Brent rose 0.82% to $ 50.61 a barrel. More

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