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Forex news

British currency rises after gross domestic product growth data

09:59 am 2019-07-10

 Pound advanced against the major currencies after a series of data released during the European session on Wednesday, most notably the rise in GDP growth in three months until May 2019 GDP growth in the UK increased by 0.3% in the quarter to May UK gross domestic product (GDP) rose by 0.3% in the quarter to May compared to the previous three months, according to monthly estimates released by the country's National Statistics Office on…More

Dollar rising amid announcements by Kudlo and Jerome Powell

03:21 pm 2019-07-09

Dollar  continued to rise during Tuesday's trading as traders followed a number of data, including the statements of Kudlo and the testimony of Jerome Powell to Congress as well as US employment data Jobs in the United States fell to 7.3 million in May On the data front, job opportunities in the United States continued to drop to 7.3 million in May, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Tuesday. The Job Vacancy Survey (JOLTS)…More

Dollar rise against the currencies amid the Iran-US conflict

04:10 pm 2019-07-08

The dollar traded against major currencies on Monday at the start of weekly trading as traders continued to push the US and Iran into a joint work plan Pence: US ready to talk to Iran The United States "will not retreat" despite the fact that the country "does not seek war with Iran," Vice President Mike Pines is due to say in a speech on Monday. "The United States is not seeking a war…More

Dollar price rises after non-farm payrolls rise in US

01:17 pm 2019-07-05

The dollar index rose slightly after the release of the June job report, which the market is waiting for, as it will have an impact on the Fed's interest rate decision at its next meeting. Non-farm payrolls rose by 224,000 in June US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday that non-farm employment in the United States exceeded expectations, rising by 224,000 in June, while the previous month's figure was revised to 72,000. The unemployment rate…More

Currency mixed and German bond yields are mixed to their lowest level

12:51 pm 2019-07-04

As market volumes eased on Thursday amid a national holiday in the US, investors are still rushing to benchmark sovereign debt to the resale portfolios in relation to the global economic slowdown. German bonds continued to rise and led to lower yields in anticipation of a new round of monetary stimulus by the European Central Bank under the leadership of Christine Lagarde, the candidate to become president. The 2-year yield on German bonds was little changed at…More

Dollar fell after Trump tweaked around currency manipulation

04:25 pm 2019-07-03

Dollar fell against a number of world currencies on Wednesday after US President Donald Trump said in a tirade that his country needed to "match" the EU and China in currency manipulation. Trump accuses the EU and China of manipulating the currency US President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused China and the European Union of "manipulating the currency" and "pumping money" to compete with the US economy, adding that America could do something…More

Dollar fell against the major as European US trade tensions returned

03:54 pm 2019-07-02

The Dollar fell against the major currencies after reports that trade tensions could resume in Europe and the US Federal Reserve Secretary Mister does not favor a rate cut so far. Trump: The Muller chase must end now  United States President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that special adviser Robert Muller should stick to his report after being asked to testify again and that after a great deal of testimony and full transparency, "witch hunt" must end. More

Dollar rallied and Yen fell against the major currencies

04:12 pm 2019-07-01

The greenback was up despite red data as US construction spending fell in May and US manufacturing PMI fell. Construction spending in the US falls in May Construction spending in the United States came at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $ 1,293.9 billion, down 0.8 percent on a monthly basis, the US Bureau of Statistics said on Monday. On an annualized basis, construction spending fell in May by 2.3%. The private…More

Dollar fell in tandem with the start of the 20th peak in Japan

03:09 pm 2019-06-28

Dollar fell against the major currencies as traders awaited data from the US in conjunction with the start of the G20, which awaits much of the expected meeting between the US president and his Chinese counterpart. Trump appreciates stock market gains US President Donald Trump went to Twitter on Friday to claim that the main gains of the stock market recorded at the end of 2016 are a direct result of his election. At the…More

Dollar trading mixed after US data and news of trade tensions

03:31 pm 2019-06-27

The Dollar traded mixed after a number of data including GDP data and unemployment claims, as well as the rise in home sales and the latest number of G20 data and trade tensions Pending home sales in the US are up 1.1% in May US home sales rose 1.1 percent in May, the National Association of Realtors said on Thursday. Pending home sales rose 105.4, up from 104.3 in March. On…More

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