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Forex news

Bank of England has set interest rates unanimously

12:43 pm 2019-08-01

The nine-member Monetary Policy Committee, chaired by Governor Mark Carney, unanimously voted to keep the interest rate at 0.75 percent, in line with economists' expectations. Corporate bond purchases were kept at £ 10 billion and government bond purchases were £ 435 billion. The Bank noted that increased uncertainty about the nature of Britain's exit from the EU meant that the economy could follow a wide range of tracks over the coming years. "The appropriate course…More

Sterling rises against Majuro and from 28-month low against dollar

05:07 pm 2019-07-31

The pound was looking for a four-day losing streak on Wednesday against the dollar and the euro, both of which were under pressure in the run-up to the Fed's monetary policy decision today. Poor economic data and slowing euro-zone inflation boosted signs of accelerating US activity that bets policymakers in Washington, who have already expressed their determination to cut interest rates, are being pushed down by their peers from the European Central Bank. US President Donald Trump…More

US dollar rose against the major currencies after Trump comments

03:04 pm 2019-07-30

The US dollar rose against other currencies on Tuesday as the Federal Reserve prepares to announce its monetary policy decision tomorrow, Trump once again criticized the central bank as "very early and very tough" with quantitative tightening, and would like to see the opposite Big "cuts." Trump: Talks with China are going well US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that trade negotiations with China were "going well" and Beijing was "ready to give up…More

Sterling at its lowest level in more than two years against dollar

11:31 am 2019-07-29

     The British pound hit its lowest level since March 17 earlier on Monday as doubts over Britain's exit from the European Union emerged as new Foreign Secretary Dominique Rapp insisted on a change of Britain's exit agreement from the European Union, which Brussels sees as final. Rap: Balance turned towards Britain's exit from the EU - - If the EU continues to "stick" to its position that the withdrawal agreement can not be…More

Dollar rallies against currencies after Trump comments on Apple

02:40 pm 2019-07-26

The Dollar rallied against major currencies as Trump's comments sparked fears of a deepening trade war between China and the United States in connection with Apple's tax breaks. There is no Apple tariff for parts made in China US President Donald Trump said on Friday Apple would not grant any customs exemptions or tax breaks for Mac Pro parts manufactured in China and called on the company to manufacture them in the United States…More

ECB proves interest rates and the euro is rebounding against the dollar

01:52 pm 2019-07-25

The Euro's trading against the major currencies rebounded after the ECB's decision to stabilize interest rates and adhere to the financial policy unchanged. Draghi warns of weak manufacturing in the euro area While services and construction are flexible with a strong labor market, a "sufficient degree of monetary easing" is needed in the eurozone due to the "prolonged presence of geopolitical uncertainties," especially the recession in manufacturing and the ECB, President Mario Draghi told reporters on…More

Euro fell against major currencies ahead of the ECB decision

08:29 am 2019-07-24

 The downward pressure on the common currency of 19 European countries rose on Wednesday, with disappointing results from manufacturing results. As the composite euro zone PMI fell at 51.5 as manufacturing faltered. The European Central Bank is due to issue an update tomorrow, hinting that it is ready to cut borrowing costs and renew asset purchases to ease uncertainty over Britain's exit from the EU and protection measures in disputes between the United States and its trading partners.…More

Pound retreated against the currencies after Johnson won the premiership

12:23 pm 2019-07-23

Former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson defeated current diplomat Jeremy Hunt in the Conservative Party leadership race and received enough support to succeed Teresa May as prime minister, the ruling party announced Tuesday at Queen Elizabeth II. Johnson will take office on Wednesday after meeting with Queen Elizabeth at the ceremony. Teresa May congratulated Boris Johnson on winning the foreign minister The total number of votes cast was 159,320, with Johnson winning 92,453 votes, while Hunt received 46,656 votes from Conservative members. The…More

US Dollar price fell on expectations of a Fed rate cut

03:19 pm 2019-07-22

The US dollar fell against its major counterparts in the European session on Monday as investors focused on cutting the Fed's next interest rate even as hopes for a sharp easing faded after comments from central bank officials. The Federal Reserve currently notes 75.5 percent interest rate cuts of 25 basis points at its next meeting at the end of July. Expectations of higher interest rate cuts have eased after Federal Reserve Chairman James Pollard noted that a…More

Dollar rise and equity ,bond funds experiencing significant cash flows

11:58 am 2019-07-19

The dollar rose on Friday amid renewed geopolitical tensions between the United States and Iran after Trump said the United States had shot down an Iranian plane and an Iranian exile, as well as keeping up with the latest trade talks between Washington and Beijing. Bank of America ": Equity and bond funds are experiencing cash flows with expectations of a US interest rate cut Stocks fell in the US before Friday, though still trading above…More

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