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Tradingpeek is covering stocks and indices news, where as stocks are affected by the news, and there are some indicators through which you can evaluate the market correctly and especially the US indicators so we are interested in the tradingpeek site to provide stocks and indicators news through a professional team with a great experience in Working in financial markets.

Stocks and Indices news

European stocks rise amid reports of a US-British trade deal

08:18 am 2019-07-15

  European markets traded in a green zone on Monday as Britain's exit from the European Union remained a hot topic in the UK, with the Conservatives scheduled to announce their next president and new British prime minister on Tuesday. It is believed that Boris Johnson, the entrepreneur, is planning a trip to the United States as soon as possible if he takes over from Teresa Mae, in order to repair the relationship after Drosch leaks and conclude a business deal…More

Asian main stocks fall after China GDP data releases

07:50 am 2019-07-15

  The main stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region fell on Monday amid the latest batch of Chinese economic data. Earlier data show that gross domestic product in the world's second-largest economy fell to a 27-year low, while retail and industrial production outperformed market expectations. Chinese industrial output rose to 6.3% in June China's industrial output grew 6.3% annually in June, the country's National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said. The mining sector increased 7.3%…More

US stocks opened in the Green Zone and close to a record week

01:52 pm 2019-07-12

US stocks opened in the Green Zone on Friday despite mixed signals about the continuing trade dispute between Washington and Beijing. Earlier, US President Donald Trump said he did not want to harm China with tariffs, while also claiming that the Chinese leadership "gave up [the United States]," because it did not start buying its agricultural products, as was agreed upon in advance.  In the meantime, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that US…More

European shares open green on the last week of trading

07:30 am 2019-07-12

European stocks opened mostly on Friday as investors evaluated the week of events. They are also waiting for EU industrial production data to be released after the opening bell and a speech from the Bank of England (GE). In other news, the media reported that UK-based Thomas Cook Group is seeking $ 940 million in cash from the Fusen Group of Chinese Tourism and other creditors. Thomas Cook for a $ 940 million cash injection from FusenMore

Asian , Pacific markets vary and focus on trade disputes

06:57 am 2019-07-12

Most of the equity markets in the East Asia and Pacific region rose mostly on Friday with a focus on trade. US President Donald Trump has claimed that the goal of Chinese import tariffs is to "settle the stadium" rather than harm the largest Asian economy. Washington offered to mediate trade negotiations between Japan and South Korea. On the basis of data, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry reported that industrial production in the country fell by 2.1% in May…More

US stocks open higher after inflation data, Dow up to record high

02:03 pm 2019-07-11

US equity markets started trading on Thursday high ahead of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell's second testimony before the House Financial Services Committee. Yesterday, Powell pointed out strongly that a rate cut may come in order to maintain the current economic expansion. On the data front, the Labor Department said core inflation in consumer prices rose to 2.1%, while initial jobless claims for the week ending July 6 fell by 13,000. US consumer price inflation rises…More

Stocks in the European Union advanced slightly in early trading

07:36 am 2019-07-11

Stocks traded modestly in the green zone on Thursday in Europe's largest market, reversing yesterday's decline, while sovereign bonds from Germany and the UK also rose. US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell maintained yesterday's stance that an increase in downside risks may require action in monetary policy. US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said in testimony before the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday that the central bank "will act as necessary" to maintain the current economic…More

Most Asian stocks rose after Jerome Powell's testimony in Congress

06:37 am 2019-07-11

Asian markets closed sharply on Thursday after US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell hinted that interest rates could be cut later this month, leading to a rally in US equities. However, optimism in the market has somewhat diminished due to continued geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, where it was reported that Iran tried to capture a British tanker earlier in the day. The country's Revolutionary Guards denied the allegations, saying there had been no confrontations with foreign ships in…More

US markets open higher ahead of Jerome Powell testimony

02:03 pm 2019-07-10

Wall Street stocks started trading on Wednesday in the Green Zone ahead of the testimony of the chairman of the US Federal Reserve's Financial Services Committee, Jerome Powell. In statements prepared prior to the testimony, Powell said the Fed would "act as appropriate" to maintain the current economic expansion. At the same time, the Ministry of Commerce announced that it would begin licensing companies selling equipment to Huawei Two-year Treasuries rise on Powell's assessment US government…More

European stocks opened lower ahead of data from the euro zone

07:45 am 2019-07-10

European stocks opened lower on Wednesday ahead of US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's testimony, which may hint at a future rate cut. Earlier, Fitch warned that friction between Italy and the EU regarding the financial framework could reappear in the future, while the new chief economist at the European Central Bank Philippe Lan ignored the possibility of a recession within the eurozone. Data on UK industrial production, gross domestic product (GDP) and…More

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