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ORIGIN PROTOCOL .. The sharing economy without intermediaries

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ORIGIN PROTOCOL .. The sharing economy without intermediaries Origin Protocol .. A new subscription in the field of digital currency, a project aimed at reaching everyone, and aims to replace many of the markets common economic, the project Origin Protocol, which we will explain in detail and thought, as well as the characteristics of the project and its disadvantages and evaluation, As well as those working on this project and means of communication with them.
Project name: Origin Protocol
Token symbol: ORIGIN
White paper:
Hard cap: $35 million (ICO contributors receive 35% of total token supply)
Conversion rate: TBA
Maximum market cap at ICO on a fully diluted basis: $100 million
Bonus structure: TBA
Presale or white list: Register for presale here:
ERC20 token: Yes
Countries excluded: Presale for US accredited investors only
Timeline: Presale ongoing (Please refer to Origin Protocol's website for the most up-to-date information)
Token distribution date: TBA

What does the project do?

Origin ProtocolOrigin Protocol aims to revolutionize the economy and replace many common economic markets such as Airbnb, Fiverr and Uber.
By integrating blockchain into the common economic market, Origin Protocol plans to provide buyers and sellers with control over their data, significantly reducing transaction fees, and verification scores.
Furthermore, Origin plans to allow third-party developers to create their own dApps on their protocol. This will allow for the existence of multiple specialized markets and to take advantage of the same degree of identification and reputation identified in all of their current markets.
The Origin Protocol has advantages that can be used to advance the full decentralization of management and governance of their platform.
A large part of the Origin group will go to the original community fund, which will go to project management, the investment committee to review future grants, hire developers to review open source contributions, and regular technical and financial audits.

How much is the Origin Protocol project?

The Origin Protocol is currently testing its product on a testnet, and users can create cards as well as purchase other user lists using test ether. The following is the demo link: live-on-testnet-835ae201c58
Origin also has 33 partners in building decentralized economy markets on a platform such as BEE, CanYa, Propy, and WeTrust.

Project roadmap

  • In the second quarter of 2018: launch of public beta and Origin.js.
  • In the third quarter of 2018: launch the third part of the DApps.
  • In 2019: Completion of services and decentralized management in full.

Tokens used and their value

Origin ProtocolOrigin is an token of the Origin Protocol platform and will be used for platform security, network governance, facilitating buyer or vendor transactions. One of the mechanisms used to ensure platform security is their deposit-management mechanics.
To create a list on the platform, you need to deposit the ORIGIN deposit, and if another user believes that the fraudulent card can challenge them by depositing an equal amount of ORIGIN codes, then members of the community vote on which side they believe to be true and which side gets the most votes Will receive a share of the lost deposits of the loser.
Origin will also use a referral program that will encourage early users to add value to the network. In fact, the first adopters receive an algorithm for ORIGIN codes based on the number of buyers and sellers referred to. Third-party dApps will also be able to charge usage or membership fees as the platform grows.
ORIGIN value should be estimated as network grows. Because more cards are created on the platform, more ORIGIN will be required to create lists and supervision, and users will also be able to pay transaction costs on the platform using ORIGIN or ether codes.


The Basic Protocol Group consists of 6 members. We will write a brief overview of some of the main individuals:
  • Josh Fraser, Co-Founder – Co-founded EventVue, Torbit, and Forage. Torbit and Forage were both acquired by larger corporations.
  • Matthew Liu, Co-Founder – Previously a Product Manager at YouTube, Qwiki, and Bonobos. MS from Stanford in Management Science and Engineering.
  • Stan James, Lead Blockchain Engineer – 20+ years of software engineering experience. Previously CTO at Lijit Networks (now Sovrn Holdings) which managed to raise $1.5 million in seed and $3.3 million in Series A venture round.
  • Origin Protocol’s advisors include: Paul Veradittakit, Partner at Pantera Capital, Joey Krug, Co-Founder of Augur, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital, Saureen Shah, CTO of Digitalgreen, Founder and CTO at Instawork, as well as many others.

Opportunities for Origin Protocol

More than 30 blockchain projects have already indicated that they will use the Origin Protocol, which ensures strong use of ORIGIN tokens.
One of the main premise of blockchain technology is to deal in a way that eliminates the medium, which is appropriate for the Origin Protocol, which makes it a great value in implementing those possibilities.
Project founders have large, successful and profitable technical projects before, according to GitHub, the project has been under active development since July 2017.


The road map of the project is ambiguous, so we cannot know about the implementation of the project vision within a specific time frame.


  • For flipping: Neutral, the timeline for issuing the tokens has not been publicly announced, and it may take some time before the tokens and trading are distributed, which makes the project inappropriate for rapid switching.
  • For a long-term contract: Well, we love the idea of the project and believe that he has a good chance of success because of the strong team he leads. With more than 30 projects in the pipeline for the use of the Origin Protocol, it is expected that the use of tokens will be strong when the app starts.

For more information about the project and the company

Product Brief:
Documents Repository:

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