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QuarkChain .. A High Capacity Peer to Peer Transactional System

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QuarkChain .. A High Capacity Peer to Peer  Transactional System QuarkChain .. is one of the emerging projects in the digital currency market, which aims to increase the use of these currencies, a new project for the currency symbol QKC, is one of the preliminary presentations in the field of electronic currencies, and we explain what the idea of the project, and the advantages of this project and its disadvantages as well as The timing of implementation of the project, the members involved, and its support for electronic currencies.

Project name: QuarkChain
Token symbol: QKC
White paper:
Hard cap: $20 million
Conversion rate: TBA
Maximum market cap at ICO on a fully diluted basis: TBA.
Bonus structure: TBA.
Private sale / white list: Private sale is overbooked, whitelist TBA.
ERC20 token: Yes (to be swapped on mainnet launch).
Countries excluded: TBA.
Timeline: Crowdsale to begin late May or early June (please refer to QuarkChain’s website for the most up-to-date information).
Token distribution date: TBA.

What is QuarkChain?

QuarkChain is a Blockchain that uses sharding to provide a high-capacity peer to peer system, consisting of two main layers: the shading layer, which allows for high productivity through efficient data distribution, and the root layer, which confirms the first blocks.
Using this design, QuarkChain aims to meet the trade-off between the three pillars of decentralization - security, decentralization and scalability.
There will be nodes and mining groups on the QuarkChain platform. The clusters are a multi-node formation that forms a mass acting as a complete superconductor. In this way, supernodes can be formed without being operated by supercomputers. This will give smaller players a competitive edge in the field. Mining.


  • 50% or more of hashpower will be allocated to the root layer to prevent any double spending attacks.
  • There is no minimum number of contracts required for a segment.
  • Supports GPU mining.
  • Support cross-straddling transactions.
  • The more nodes, the more scalable.
In order to increase adoption and ease of use, QuarkChain will support and integrate the virtual ethernet machine for smart contracts, as it is the most widely used implementation engine. This will allow EVM-based dApps to be deployed directly on the QuarkChain platform.

How advanced is the project?

This project is still under development, although it has received approximately 2,000 transactions per second (TPS) in its early closed-loop test. The team employs volunteers to testnet, which must go directly at the same time as crowdsale.


Q2 2018: Version of TestNet 0.2 which will support most QuarkChain features such as smart nodes, redesign and so on.
Q4 2018: Version 1.0 of QuarkChain Core, Mainnet 1.0, and Smart Wallet (with 10,000 TPS at this time).
Q2 2019: QuarkChain Core 2.0, Smart Wallet 2.0 (with access to approximately 1 million TPS at this time).

Tokens used and valued

QKC currencies are used as transaction fees in QuarkChain. It will also be used as a reward for miners, this value of QKC currencies should depend on the use of QuarkChain. For more activities and transactions that are done in QuarkChain, the most valuable QKC currencies must be.
The issued codes will be the ERC-20, the deputy element for the actual currency value to be launched with the mainnet scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018. At the time of the mainnet launch, there will be a symbolic exchange.


The team consists of 9 members, with the following being the key members of the team:
QuarkChain Team
  • Qi Zhou, Founder – PhD in Electric and Computer engineering with 5 years’ experience in engineering and software engineering with the most recent being with Facebook as a software engineer.
  • Zhaoguang Wang, Software Engineer – 7 years’ experience in software engineering with tech giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
  • Xiaoli Ma, Research Scientist – Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology. PhD in electrical engineering and 7 years’ experience in the tech industry with the most recent being the CTO of Ratrix Technologies.
  • Yaodong Yang, Research Scientist – PhD in engineering, and a Tenure Track Professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University, and co-founder of Demo++ Technological Incubator.
  • They also have 6 advisors including Bill Moore, Chief Engineer for Storage at Sun Microsystems, Arun G. Phadke, Virginia Tech Professor, Zhiyun Qian, cyber security expert, among others.


Testnet already shows that the TPS of 2000 uses a few AWS nodes, putting it ahead of most 3.0 of the other proxies for the projects with a much higher evaluation. As more nodes are used in the testnet, higher scalability should be achieved.
A few months ago, we mentioned that scalability would be one of the main topics in 2018. These projects that can successfully address this problem will be highly rewarded.
The project is integrated with Solidity, which is by far the most popular language used in the programming of dApps. For high-performance and high-productivity dApps, QuarkChain will be easy to access, providing a low entry barrier to adapt the platform.
The team consists of a mix of academics and engineers in reputable technology / universities, whose credentials provide convenience with regard to the team's implementation capability.


The team wants to wait until the Blockchain shows higher productivity before actively looking for projects on the QuarkChain platform. While it makes sense to confirm what they say first, we feel that they may be more aggressive in terms of traction generation when they adopt the buccaneer.


  • For flipping: Well, no full nominal metrics have been published so far, but with a maximum of $ 20 million, increased market awareness, and full sales of multiple sales, we believe there will be a large unmet demand after symbolic distribution.
  • For a long-term contract: good. To our knowledge, QuarkChain and Zilliqa is the only project that performs perforation on the testnet. Those who follow us know that we love Ziliqa because it is one of our options for the month crusher, with a current market cap of $ 705 million.
  • The fixed limit of $ 20 million represents only 2.8% of the market cap in Zilliqa, the nearest comparable project, which in itself is below its real value in our opinion. There is a significant disconnect between QuarkChain and other promising Blockchain III projects. Therefore, we believe that QuarkChain has the potential to come down as one of the most successful ICO projects in 2018.

For more information about QuarkChain

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