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OneLedger .. Comprehensive Blockchain protocol for commercial units

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OneLedger .. Comprehensive Blockchain protocol for commercial units OneLedger is a new project of digital currency presentations, but today it will be titled OneLedger, which aims to create a mechanism that will make your business interact with different groups of the public and private sectors simultaneously with similar side chains being implemented in the project platform. This project starts from the idea of ​​the project, the team, its own roadmap, to a conclusion about the success of this project.

Project name: OneLedger
Token symbol: OLT
White paper:
Hard cap: $15 Million total, with $5 million available for the public crowdsale (Contributors will own 35% of the total supply).
Conversion rate: 1 OLT = $0.052
Maximum market cap at ICO on a fully diluted basis: $43 Million.
Bonus structure: 25% bonus for $6 million, and 20% bonus for $3 million.
Private sale / white list: KYC registration starts May 9, 2018 at 12 PM EST, and goes until May 16, 2018 at 12 PM EST.
ERC20 token: Yes.
Countries excluded: U.S. / Canada / China / South Korean / Barbados & other FATF countries like Ethiopia, Iraq, Serbia, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Yemen, Iran, North Korea.
Timeline: TBA (Estimated May start and finish) (please refer to OneLedger’s website for all up-to-date details).
Token distribution date: TBA

What is OneLedger?

OneLedger is an agnostic protocol across the ledger that enables high performance scaling, it plans to provide companies with a solution of the development of Blockchain, which will aim to simplify the creation of custom or specialized Blockchain in their field.
In order to make their solutions global, OneLedger will benefit from the side chains to increase interoperability between different groups such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.
To help achieve their goals, there will be many features broken down, such as Smart Identity Management Platform, Blockchain Services, Chaincode Service, and their programming interface.
Smart Identity Management Platform - OneLedger can provide a master / general pair of key keys that are assigned to an identity, which can then give access to any other public key that identity can access. This will create a global solution for identity tracking and access to assets / information on a variety of Blockchains.
Blockchain Services - OneLedger will be able to create a side-by-side protocol on OneLedger to meet customer needs. For example, they can create different degrees of permissions / access. Using the identity platform, customers can create different levels of access for trusted users to access the blockage.
Chainode - The company is developing a software development package to provide companies with the launch of multiple-platform dApps, and the ability to create a "master smartphone contract" that will determine the smart contract written in any language you choose when necessary.
Programming Interface - APIs will be available to create a set of desired functions for the client, allowing them to register new users, and query about the blockers.
Another key element of OneLedger is its business portal. The portal will allow business customers to develop every part of their own solution.
In addition to the above services, it will also include the ability to communicate with independent module developers to meet the specialized business needs. The whole process will be transparent to the security and integrity of all parties involved.

How advanced is the project?

OneLedger has claimed that he has completed the MVP so far, but will be released to the public in June 2018.


Q2 2018

  • Launch Ethereum side-chain testnet.
  • Synchronize ethereum side-chain with OneLedger protocol engine.
  • Implement and optimize cross-chain consensus.
  • Add more public-chain support.
  • Launch MVP with cross-chain consensus.

Q3/4 2018

  • Enable Bitcoin sidechain to allow for cross-chain support.
  • Complete decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol.
  • Complete implementation of modularization tools and compilers.
  • Implement OneLedger's Identity Management System and Smart Contract Authorization System.
  • Launch .API gateway
  • Launch Alpha version of the OneLedger platform.


  • Release first version of OneLedger Platform.
  • Integrate with more blockchain protocols.
  • Expand business network.

Tokens used and valued

Tokens will be used in a number of ways. For example, platform users will need to pay OLT symbols for the two nodes in the nodes. Contract runners themselves may have to share future OLT codes to ensure network quality. In addition, developers will be paid with OLT codes to create modules, with transactions executed on predefined smart contracts that allow one-time purchases, and subscriber model payments.
Tokens will be valued based on the value that the community sees in OneLedger. If there are many companies that demand specialized units, many users will benefit from their services, and many of the nodes that are running to support the network, will increase the demand for and value of OLT tokens.


The OneLedger team has 9 team members listed with the following being the core:
  • David Cao, Founder and CEO - Over 16 years’ experience in commerce, with his most recent experience being with Xerox as Lead Commerce Consultant.
  • Alex Todd, CTA - Over 30 years’ cumulative experience in general and technological corporate governance, with his most recent experience being with PRESTO as CTO.
  • Stephen Li, Lead Engineer - Over 15 years’ experience in software development and consulting, with his most recent being as Founder of Services Informatiques YANG-LI INC.
  • Paul W. Homer, Lead Blockchain Engineer - Over 30 years’ cumulative experience in software engineering and analysis, with his most recent being as an application consultant for CIBC.
  • The team also has a suite of advisors including, Trevor Koverko, CEO of Polymath, Matthew Niemberg, Distributed Ledger Consultant, Craig G. Brown, Senior Canadian Legal Advisor, Jor Law, Founder of, and Mervyn Chng, Managing Director at Gwei Capital.


The idea is ambitious, well thought out and urgently needed to address the challenges of scalability and interconnectivity issues facing the blockchain.
The project focuses on providing a gateway for central companies while competitors such as Cosmos and AION are more public. This allows OneLedger to better meet the needs of target users. The overall addressable market will be smaller than competitors but the chances of success are also increasing.
The team members and consultants consist of a good mix of people with technical and commercial experience. We believe that the project should not have difficulty finding companies to adopt their solutions.


Interoperability is a hot topic and there are lots of rival Blockchain projects that aim to solve the problem. The increasingly crowded space will make it difficult for the project to emerge.
The team developed a regular player but is not available to the public. Therefore, it is difficult to analyze MVP quality.


For flipping: Well, the idea, token measures and market awareness are above average. $ 15 million for a robust infrastructure project that is considered to be fairly low in the current market situation.
For a long-term contract: neutral, Since the project has high technology, without a device to measure the value of viewing available to the public, it is difficult to measure the progress and quality of development. Thus, it is difficult to know whether he will be able to achieve his goals and succeed in increasingly intense competition.

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