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YGGDRASH .. MULTI DIMENSIONAL BLOCKCHAINS Today we will talk about a quick review of the yggdrash project in the field of electronic currencies. We will also explain what the idea of this project is, the advantages and disadvantages of this project, the timing of implementation of the project, the members involved, and its support for electronic currencies.
  • Project name: Yggdrash
  • Token symbol: YEED
  • Website:
  • White paper:
  • Hard cap: $40 million (ICO Participants receive 50% of total token supply)
  • Conversion rate: 1 YEED = $0.008
  • Maximum market cap at ICO on a fully diluted basis: $80 million
  • Bonus structure: Private sale price - 1 YEED = $0.0068
  • Presale or white list: White list registration opens soon
  • ERC20 token: Yes (initially, will move to its own blockchain after main net is released)
  • Countries excluded: USA, Singapore, China
  • Timeline: Pre-ICO runs March 12 – 16, 2018, Main Sale runs March 19 – 23, 2018 (please refer to Yggdrash’s website for the most up-to-date information)
  • Token distribution date: May 2018

What does the company do?

Yggdrash is a new technique of Blockchain technology, which aims to improve that system with improved data capacity, speed and expansion, also plans to reduce the amount of data that occupy the whole node of their own blockers, so the user can download in less than an hour, their method of achieving this is from Through an algorithm block that specializes in recombination, which consists of an Akashic log, block boxes, and native blocks.
The Akashic record stores the results of all transactions from the Genesis block to a block at a specific exit point (eg, 100 thousand Blocks). The block boxes contain a specific number in each square (eg 10,000 mold). The original independent blocks are not allocated to Block.
Also, the user who wants to run a full node will be able to load the blockchain much faster than the other block series, as it will be able to load the current Akashic record and a few of the original block and block boxes, rather than having to wait until each block is synchronized.
Yggdrash's reputation registration system is based on resources spent on the ecosystem and allows highly reputable users to handle their own strings with little to no transaction fees.
In addition, it is building a Delegation of Power (DPOA) algorithm to reward highly reputable users for proving business or proving interest, as well as increasing transaction speed.
Yggdrash's branch chains act as a series of special and independent tools, and these sub-strings can choose their own algorithm and create their own. They can eventually become independent decentralized organizations (DAO).

Types of branch chains:

  • The immunity branch chain: The string that was used, will not consume YEED.
  • Changeable series of strings: A series of users created, consuming time at regular intervals.
  • Instant Forest: A user string created, not consumed by YEED but only present for a certain amount of time, and can only be created by high reputation or "trusted" by individuals.
  • Test series / special branches: Sub-series not related to Yggdrash, which are used only for testing or for special purposes.

How advanced is the project?

Yggdrash published proof of the conceptual code on their code and will not release the network until next year. In general, the development and conceptions of this work began only late last year.

The approved plan for the formation of the road map

First quarter of 2018 - Start AML/KYC
Second quarter of 2018 - End AML/KYC, token distribution
Third Quarter of 2018 - Release TestNet
Second Quarter of 2019 - MainNet Release

What symbols are used and how can they be evaluated?

The company uses primarily YEED to reward checkers in Yggdrash and they can choose either to chain reputable branches, or the whole network.
This system is also used to link branch chains to the main branch of Yggdrash, so that more applications are built using it, and more symbols will be consumed to maintain them.
YEED can estimate whether it manages to secure a large number of users, as well as users, on its platforms, and leads more users to further transactions, leading to the creation of more pieces and the need for mining. More applications lead to more branch chains, which offer more benefit and value to users and possibly better mining options.

Competition between Yggdrash and ICON:

There are many similarities between Yggdrash and Icon - both supported by a Corey team. Core team members (Ceo and CTO) have worked from Mejdrach in Swinon and Icon previously (Icon, backed by the Swinon company).
Many people asked about the comparison of the two projects, so this section was included.
First, in the idea: Jaguar focuses on scalability, while Icon focuses more on linking the different components to our daily lives. Both projects promise high treatment throughout and interoperability between different Blockchain.
Second: Team: The team members in Yggdrash are mainly from other Blockchain / projects. Icon is mainly a Korean technology company
Consultants: Icon has a heavyweight in the industry such as Don Tabescot, Jason Best, Zhihan Zhou, and more, and the consultants are mainly marginalized entrepreneurs in Korea.
Partnerships: No partnerships can be found or go to the market strategy to digress, according to one of the cable supervisors, Yggdrash aims to expand globally but their entire team in Korea - even consultants, is preparing their experience in the Korean market only.
Getting the strategy of attraction in the area that you are familiar with is the best strategy, and I have to digress to focus on Korea first but Icon has the advantage of being on the first very obvious search engine in Korea.
Econ has a long list of secured partnerships, universities, hospitals and financial institutions in Korea, Kipair, the Internet, and Rhoneamn. It also has a number of applications on the icon platform: Stove (Smilegate), BlueWhale, TINK, Silkroad, UPPSALA (Sentinel Protocol) and AD4th
 Roadmap for Development and Development: ECON's main data is released and the main currency is scheduled to be issued in March 2018. The company is due to issue in the second quarter of 2019, more than a year after the acquisition.
CONCLUSION: We believe that Icon is a much better project than Yggdrash, and will not overcome Yagdrash on Icon so the question is whether it can coexist.
The project has strong team members who are experienced in the field of plockchain technology, and some of them have previously worked in reputable projects such as Bithumb and ICON.
He is trying to address issues about Blockchain, one of his biggest problems is the long-term growth of spatial space on the plaque, and the potential is great if it can expand adoption and attract.
The history of GitHub is very small, and real evolution only occurred in February 2018. This makes it difficult to know whether the team can build the idea it proposed in the worksheet.
The roadmap is ambiguous, the only features after the distribution of the token are the "Release Test net" and "Release Main net" which makes it difficult to analyze the level of planning the team enjoys.
Jaguar is in direct competition with Icon, and we believe the Icon is a superior platform, the other thing that Yggdrash can do is focus outside Korea but we believe it will be as difficult as the whole team experience in Korea.
Overall, we are neutral about the potential for flipping around Eco and negative about its long-term potential. Our thoughts on buying symbols for flipping and long-term investment are as follows:
Neutral, the reagent must be ready for any problem in accessing the hard cover due to market awareness. However, YEED codes will be distributed in May, which is longer than the ECO project average.
Note: KYC / AML happens after mass selling and those who fail at KYC will get refinancing, and your Know Your Customer process ends on April 22, 2018, so the money may be refunded afterwards.

For Long Term Holding

  • Negative. While the team is solid, their background is heavily related to Korea so we believe Yggdrash would have a difficult time gaining traction outside Korea. This makes Yggdrash a more regional blockchain similar to NEO, QTUM, and ICON and puts Yggdrash in head-to-head competition with ICON.
  • As detailed in the “Yggdrash versus ICON” section above, we believe ICON wins out in various categories, most importantly development timeline and partnerships/business traction. By the time Yggdrash main net is released, ICON would probably have over 10 dApps/ICOs running on the platform and its main net would be running for over a year already. Network effect is crucial for blockchain, so we believe it would be very difficult for Yggdrash to compete against ICON.
  • There are so many next-generation blockchains claiming to be faster and cheaper than the current incumbents. A project needs more than an idea to be worthwhile – especially in this competitive environment.
  • Some kind of niche is needed, be it development progress (Nano, Zilliqa), business development (ICON), industry (Vechain) or geographic focus (NEO, ICON, QTUM), development team (RChain, EOS, Cardano), or investor backing (aelf, Zilliqa). Yggdrash has none of that.

For more information about the ICO:

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