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Celsius .. The Future of consumer credit

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Celsius .. The Future of consumer credit Today we will talk about a quick review of the Celsius project in the field of electronic currencies. We will also explain what the idea of this project is, the advantages and disadvantages of this project, the timing of implementation of the project, the members involved, and its support for electronic currencies.

Project name: Celsius
Token symbol: CEL
White paper:
Hard cap: $50 million (ICO Participants receive 50% of total token supply)
Conversion rate: 1 CEL= $0.30
Maximum market cap at ICO on a fully diluted basis: $100 million
Bonus structure: Pre-sale price = $0.20 per CEL, additionally: 0 - $5 mil 40% bonus (sold out) / $5 mil - $10 mil = 35% bonus (sold out) /
$10 mil - $15 mil = 30% bonus (sold out) / $15 mil - $35 mil = 20% bonus / $35 mil+ = $0.20 per CEL
Presale or white list: Presale ongoing, whitelist open
ERC20 token: Yes (initially, will move to its own Stellar-forked blockchain in future)
Countries excluded: Must be accredited investor for USA
Timeline: Pre-sale ending & crowdsale starting March 15, 2018 (Please refer to Celsius Network’s website for the most up-to-date information)
Token distribution date: Within two weeks after end of crowdsale

What does this project do?

Add Celsius Network to a platform that controls the flow of credit to people all over the world, and lenders can earn interest regardless of their core currency or their local laws.
The idea of ​​ Celsius
The core of the project will be the implementation of the Celsius Wallet. This is a crypto wallet designed to allow members to use coins as collateral to get loans in dollars. The goal is to allow anyone in need of cash to borrow from the Celsius platform without having to sell their crypto holdings.
The project adds future jobs that allow the opportunity to lend their own open and earn interest on deposited coins. Coins borrowed from member wallets will be paid interest in CEL tokens, allowing members to earn up to 9% of annual interest per transaction.

How advanced is the project?

The concept of Celsius, the astronomy was formed in the second quarter of 2017, and in January 2018, the latest trial version of the mobile phone wallets and rolling application.
Celsius Network Partners has, a mobile application designed specifically to serve 100,000 MicroMoney customers worldwide.
In April 2018, dollar borrowing was enabled against encryption guarantees.
The team holds an experimental release of the marginal trading system of Celsius in November 2018.
In 2019, a scheme to raise the level of society and expand the currency markets.
Special symbols and the value of those symbols
The CEL code, which is rewarded to the holders of encryption in a wallets percentage as fee-based interest, comes from institutional traders and will be automatically transferred from invoice to CEL and distributed to the lender's wallets daily.
After the issuance of tokens in April of this year, they are returned to their own holdings, in addition, can be understood within the limits of CEL at a reduced price.
Because more people are using Celsius, it will be.

Work Staff

In 2017, and then the team succeeded in increasing its membership to 30 members. The project works from 3 countries: Israel, Serbia and Germany, and we will explain the most important worlds in the team as follows:
  • Alex Mashinsky, CEO – Alex is one of the inventors of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), and has 35 patents issued to his name. He is the founder of seven New York City based startups, and has raised over $1 billion and exited over $3 billion. One of Alex’s first companies, Arbinet, IPO’d in 2004 at a market cap of over $750 million.
  • S. Daniel Leon, Founding President & COO – Daniel is an entrepreneur who worked as a managing partner of Governing Dynamics, CEO of Atlis Labs, CEO of Beyon3D and chairman of Here0. He started his career as Vice President at Gallup.
  • Nuke Goldstein, CTO – Nuke is a software developer, architect, innovator, and entrepreneur who designed a P2P credit protocol using distributed storage and smart contracts prior to joining Celsius. He was also the founder and CEO of Sevenpop, an interactive music technology provider across Israel.
  • Keith Baumwald, CMO – Before Celsius, Keith spent the past 3 years consulting for startups primarily focused on the financial, travel, and SAAS sectors. He was named Global Head of R&D for Travelex, where he created a new division within the company to look at emerging technology such as blockchain.
  • Ronit Dvir Bacalu, CFO – Ronit has 18+ years of experience in growing companies across the technology, communication, real estate, and financial services sectors. Prior to Celsius she served as CFO of Kalyx and Sapir Organization, as well as VP of Finance for DoubleVerify.
  • Advisors for Celsius include Miko Matsumura, Co-Founder at Evercoin, Moshe Hogeg, Co-Founder & President of Sirin Labs, Chris Dannen, Founder of Iterative Capital, and Ivan Bjelajac, Operating Director at GoDaddy, among others.


The idea of ​​the project is new and attractive to many users in the digital currency market.
The project leads a team that has established successful technology projects several times before, demonstrating their great ability to achieve great future success for this project.
The project makes it easy to become a lender. Simply put, the user can store his or her assets in the wallets. This makes lending to employees easier, which can lead to lower borrowing rates.
CEL tokens will have immediate benefit, so the project's chances of success and proving the viability of the digital currency market are very large and optimistic.


In the current market environment, it is difficult to reach the limit with unmet demand, and the 50% fund raising of $ 50 million makes flipping difficult.
For a long-term contract: Well, the idea of ​​the project is provided by a successful technology entrepreneur and team and has the potential to make the project a success.
Cryptocurrency projects are easier to obtain than projects in non-Crypto markets, and make the CELIOS network easy to become a borrower, with a strong team in place, and therefore a great chance of success for them and they have to prove it.

For more information about the project and the company

White paper :
CEO Alex Mashinsy’s presentation at Super Bitcoin Conference:

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