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Quantstamp .. Smart Contract Security Audit Protocol

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Quantstamp .. Smart Contract Security Audit Protocol Quantstamp is the first scalable security audit protocol designed to find weaknesses in the ethereum contracts, with an excellent team with a PhD degree with experience in the field, supported by a strong advisory board in the blockchain industry. For smart contracts to play an important role in the future of many industries, cost-effective auditing is an integral part.
The protocol was designed to expand its scope to verify all ethereum projects, and became an essential part of the predominant adoption of ethereum. Central audits are vulnerable to internal attacks. The audit proofing protocol is designed so that malicious actors can not tamper with audit results.
Project name: Quantstamp
Ticker symbol: QSP
ICO date: November 2017
Market cap*: $22 million
Circulating supply*: 617,314,171 QSP
Total supply: 976,442,388 QSP
As of September 27, 2018. Source: Coinmarketcap

What is the Quantstamp project?

Is a protocol for the safe checking of smart contracts. They are trying to create a verifiable system for the registration of smart contracts on the ethereum network. By doing so, the project hopes to reduce the amount of money lost in closed smart contracts or steal them through the defect in smart contracts.

Uses of the QSP token

By shareholders who receive the QSP program to check Solidity programs.
By checking tools to run node check the quantity.
By looking for errors to receive QSP as a reward for delivering bugs that would break smart contracts.
By contract creators who will pay in QSP in order to be audited their smart contract.
By contract users who want access to their audit results.
By the voters to observe the system, prevent unnecessary thorns, decentralize the influence of the founding team.
The project protocol consists of two parts: the first is the ability of the protocol to be automated and updatable will verify the intelligent contract code. The second is the reward program that motivates human participants to find errors in smart contracts.
An illustration showing how the token works

Key Features / News

November 2017: Quantstamp ICO started a crowdsale. They also joined the winter 2018 in Y Combinator.
February 2018: The company announced that it has successfully run the lowest version of the test network in Ropsten.
March 2018: The initial version of testnet and the web application that allowed direct checking in the QSP testnet was released. The company also announced that it has completed more than 300 general automatic audits.
April 2018: The company announced that it has joined the ethereum community fund. Binance recruited Quantstamp to review more than 100 ERC20 codes listed in the swap list. The testnet was deployed to Ropsten to test the user.
July 2018: The company announced its acceptance of Plug and Play in Japan, a startup accelerator that allowed it to accelerate the development of its business in the Japanese market.
August 2018: announced that it has completed a new control panel to monitor Betanet for health control and provide current protocol statistics. The Betanet protocol is launched on Etherreum Mainnet at the end of August.
September 2018: The team began receiving requests for contract operators.


The project site is currently located on Ethereum Mainnet, and can be used to record a smart contract at the moment. Users can submit smart contracts and completed audits will create a public audit report and a publicly verifiable record.
There were concerns that the company had accepted currencies other than the distinctive QSP codes for its reviews. However, the company responded that it conducts manual checks to learn and understand customers and build better technology.
The team was not very active in providing regular updates to the community. In the supreddit quantmetamp, there are many posts that express dissatisfaction in the non-disclosure of the team. We believe the team can do a better job of modernizing society.

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