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DISTRICT0X .. A network of markets and decentralized societies supported by ethereum

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DISTRICT0X .. A network of markets and decentralized societies supported by ethereum DISTRICT0X is a group of decentralized markets and communities supported by ethereum, Aragon and IPFS. With this project, it is easy to create independent decentralized organizations (DAOs) where all regions provide the following basic functions:
Publishing lists, search and filtering, ranking and reputation, payments and invoices, all departments will use an open source framework called d0xINFRA. The d0xINFRA framework is designed to be open and extendable, allowing the allocation of interrupts and additional functionality through the use of auxiliary units.

Project name: district0x
Ticker symbol: DNT
ICO date: August 2017
Market cap: $15 million
Circulating supply: 600,000,000 DNT
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 DNT

Price As of October 4, 2018. Source: Coinmarketcap
What is the District0x project?

The project is built by building a network of decentralized markets and societies. These markets and communities serve as a market where participants can share anything from the mimes to the job offers.

Uses of the DNT token

The token is DNT, an ERC-20 token used to apply to the deployment of an area, facilitate market exchanges and, most importantly, vote on governance decisions in each market.
Markets can be published by users for free. The markets launched in the project operate in the form of DAOs (independent, decentralized organizations) using the votes of each member of the market to determine the future paths of markets.
This frame is referred to as the d0xINFRA framework. Distric0x uses IPFS (interplanetary file system) to store the data involved in each market. The administrative decisions for each market are carried out by Aragon. The company is developing a huge market for the counterparty by unifying the technology of smart ethereum contracts, distributed IPFS network and AAO's DAO governance system.
The project was established by Matos Listan and Jiu Adu, in February 2017. Since then, several studio developers have been contracted to establish the decentralized infrastructure mentioned in the project roadmap and the white paper.
These service providers assist in network development, brand design, project design, management support, and community management. The companies involved are as follows: d0xinfra, sourcers, griflan, nodrama, paren, ealfa.

Key Features / News

The project is open source and its developmental progress can be tracked here:
The project team updates the progress on their blog:

Among the most important achievements of the project are:
  • August 2017: ICO concluded
  • October 2017: Name Bazaar launched
  • December 2017: Partnership between Ethlance and Denctraland announced
  • January 2018: Partnership with Keep announced
  • May 2018: Meme Factory design contest announced
  • July 2018: 6,000+ unique offerings created on Name Bazaar
  • September 2018: District0x ambassador program launched


The project is an ambitious vision for the future of decentralized transparent markets. The project continues to expand its development team with the integration of new areas in the network.
Perhaps because the scope of the project is ambitious, development progress has been slow so far.
During ICO, Ethlance was launched, both Name Bazaar and Meme Factory were announced soon. 14 months have passed and Meme Factory is still in progress. Do 6 surveys over 6 weeks. Why do not you put everything in one poll and save 5 weeks? The speed of development is disappointing in our outlook.
On the transparency side, the team performs well with weekly updates. They are also active in communicating with the community on various social communication channels.

For more information about the project

district0x FAQs:

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